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If you’re single and have a “Green” conscience, it is likely you want to meet a Green partner. After all, we all want a partner who is sympathetic to the same causes when it involves particular lifestyle choices. I read a cute term which I think applies nicely – we do tend to label ourselves, don’t we? – if you want a Green partner, you are looking for someone who is eco-sexual. In the same resource I also read that a study showed that more than 75% of people surveyed found planet-friendly qualities attractive. So just what are the best ways to meet a Green partner?

1. Don’t Try

Trust in Lady Luck. Oddly enough--if you don’t try, then you are highly likely to meet a Green partner. Let’s break down the logic of it into four parts:

One: you cannot choose whom you are attracted to, so even if you meet a million “Green” people, you cannot guarantee that you will be attracted to them.

Two: you are a “Green” and most people tend to be attracted to people they have things in common with. This means that you are going to be drawn to people who have a Green attitude; more importantly, they will be attracted to you.

Three: you are a “Green” and will occasionally partake of Green activities, such as going to farmers markets. There is a high probability that other Greens of the opposite sex are also going to be doing these things, thereby increasing your chances of meeting one.

Four: a loving relationship changes people for better or for worse. If your partner falls in love with you, it is likely that he or she will understand your “Green” stance, will recognize your passion for it and empathize enough to change “Green” themselves. Plus, you will find that your Green ways will rub off on your partner anyway.

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