10 Honest ✌️ Signs You're Not 🚫 Happy πŸ˜ƒ in Your Relationship πŸ‘« ...


Sometimes, we want partnerships and romances to work out so much that we tend to overlook and ignore red flags that are trying to tell us the complete opposite of what we are hoping. They say that love is blind, and that definitely seems to be the case when people can’t see the state of their crumbling relationship right in front of them. You might be ignoring it on purpose, or you might genuinely not know what the signs are pointing towards. Either way, it’s bad. Here are ten honest signs that you are not happy in your relationship.

1. Looking Elsewhere

You haven’t acted on it yet, but you are constantly looking at other people and considering what they would be like as partners. This straying is not just human curiosity; it is a signal that everything is not well in your current situation.

Heart Sinks