Horrible New Dating Trends to Be Aware of ...


Horrible New Dating Trends to Be Aware of ...
Horrible New Dating Trends to Be Aware of ...

For all us single girls out there, it would be fair to say that the world of dating can be a confusing and at times exhausting one! As soon as you think you have the game mastered, a bunch of new trends come along to knock you back to square one. The more games people start to play, the less likely you are to be able to keep on top of the modern etiquette and it can be a real mine field! As caring sisters, we don’t want you to go out in to the dating pool without all of the necessary and required knowledge, so to help you keep on top of everything, here are some of the horrible new dating trends that you need to be aware of.

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girl, mouth, socialite, brown hair, This is when a person will do a little ego boosting online before meeting you in real life, digitally boasting in order to try and impress you. Men tend to be the main perpetrators of flexting, but women have been known to do a little of their own online ego boosting too!



shoulder, muscle, girl, arm, chest, Cricketing is the term that has been coined for when somebody leaves way too much time in between receiving a message and replying to it. Let’s be real, it’s 2018 and you don’t have all day to wait for a single damn reply. If he wants to test your patience and make the crickets ring loud with his own silence, then he can find another girl to do it to!



mobile phone, feature phone, communication device, gadget, electronic device, Ghostbusting has been playfully coined as the act of continuing to message somebody when it is abundantly clear that they have decided to ghost you and completely disappear from the communication. Sometimes we like to fool ourselves into thinking that they might just be having a busy day, or week, or month, so we crack on with the ghostbusting until all of our dignity is gone!



chin, human, screenshot, facial hair, This one is a mouthful, and refers to the act of putting off a date and leaving things up to fate just in case somebody better is about to come around the corner in the interim! It might feel like a fun idea if you are the one in control, but it can be really horrible if you are person who keeps getting rain checked.



girl, phenomenon, human, darkness, screenshot, This is the act of pretending to have a boyfriend or girlfriend across all of your social media platforms, when in fact you are as single as the rest of us! Fauxbae’ing can occur for a number of reasons including wanting to make an old partner jealous and wanting to appear coupled up in order to make someone else feel special when you shoot them a message of interest. Quite frankly, we find this new trend rather baffling, as surely if you are looking to get involved with somebody, you want them to regard you as as free and single as possible? Maybe that’s just too old fashioned and boring these days!

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