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Unwritten Rules of Being Single to Stay True to Yourself ...

By Sici

There are definitely some unwritten rules of being single. Unfortunately, most of the movies and TV shows that we all consume on a daily basis try to teach us that being single is something that needs to be fought against, a terrible state of limbo to be in before you can finally find someone to complete you and make you whole. Whilst this might be the case for some, it certainly isn’t for everyone, and being single can be a positive choice that women make in order to experience some independence and, simply, just because they don’t want a partner now or ever! Here are a few unwritten rules of being single that help you to stay being true to yourself rather than just ‘that girl who doesn’t have a man’.

1 Don’t Lower Standards

You should never see singledom as a thing that needs to be escaped from immediately because this attitude will inevitably lead to a lowering of standards. In fact, when you are single and living your best independent life, your standards should be even higher, because it should take someone or something really special to make you want to change your life in such a drastic way. That's one of the top unwritten rules of being single.

2 Self Improvement

Being single gives you a lot more spare time to be able to work on yourself. Whether that is in the form of taking up new hobbies, or finally reading those epic books that have been on your shelf for years, or getting into different kinds of exercise and meditation, all of these things are really beneficial. What you certainly shouldn’t be doing is sitting around waiting for a Prince Charming to come along and change everything overnight.

3 Be Open

Don’t treat your single status as some sort of disease that you need to hide away and not talk about with people. Being single only has the power and significance that you yourself put on it, so the more open and carefree you are with your love life situation, the less stressful and all encompassing it will seem, both to you and to the people around you. At the end of the day, the goal is to be able to embrace the idea of being single as a viable life option, rather than an undesirable state that you have to endure before moving on to the next partner. Your romantic status should be the thing that defines you as a person.

4 Avoid Promiscuity

I’m not saying that you should become a nun, more that you should try to avoid gaining a reputation for being overly promiscuous, because the sad truth is that even though you are just having some fun in your single periods, others might read more into it and it could end up affecting your future prospects of a long-term relationship. Also, a lifestyle of one time dates and one night stands can become quite addictive, and your preferences might be permanently altered, which in turn can also have a negative effect on your future romantic life.

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