Quick 60 Minute Date Ideas for Girls Having a Rendevous after School ...

By Holly

During the summer, you had hours and hours to spend with your partner. Now that school is starting up again, you're not going to have as much free time as you used to. However, that doesn't mean that you have to cut down on dates. You can just cut down on the amount of time that you spend on dates. If you want to do something fun with your boyfriend after class, here are a few hour-long date ideas:

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Play Mini-Golf Together

Unlike regular golf, mini-golf won't take more than an hour to complete. Even if you two don't make it to the end of the course in time, you can always leave before you finish.


Hit the Track Together

If there aren't any sports teams practicing outside after class, then you and your partner can walk around on the track. That way, you'll get to walk and talk in private. Plus, since you don't have any real destination, you'll be able to leave after an hour is up.


Get Ice Cream Together

Getting a meal together could take hours if the restaurant is busy and your waitress takes forever to bring out your food. That's why you two should go get ice cream together. It only takes a few minutes to buy it, but you can walk around eating it for as long as you'd like.


Do HW Together

This doesn't seem like the most fun, but doing homework with your boyfriend should make the time fly by. Plus, you can help each other out in the subjects that you're bad in. There's nothing wrong with having a study buddy.


Attend a Club Event Together

If your school has clubs after class, then you two can attend one together. Even though there will be other students around, you can sit together and ignore the rest of them. Who knows, you might learn something fun!

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Play Frisbee Together

A Frisbee won't take up much room in your backpack, so you can carry it around with you all day. Once class is over, you just have to find a location where you can play, and then have a blast!


Visit a Flea Market Together

A flea market is a great place to spend time with your partner, because you can walk in and out of it whenever you'd like. Plus, you might be able to find cheap little gifts for one another.


Play Cards Together

If your house is close to the school, you can walk there together to play a board game. However, if you're planning on hanging out outside of your school, a deck of cards will work just fine. Then you can play War, Go Fish, or Blackjack together.


Plan a Picnic Together

When all else fails, you can always have a picnic together. As long as you pack some sandwiches with you, you can plop down at any place and share a meal together. It'll give you the chance to relax and talk while filling up your stomaches.

You don't need to spend hours with your boyfriend in order to have a great time. If you really enjoy his company, then sixty minutes should be enough to hold you over for a while. What other one-hour date ideas can you come up with?

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The only one that needs to be done is #4. And if you don't have homework you can study together. Save dates for the weekend

Eye to eye contact makes you and your crush know that you like eachother but literally dats called stalking💩

These ideas are great! I'm going to plan these things with my man, and we're not even close to being in school anymore lol

Just hang out

Where is #6??