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Some men aren't interested in watching the sunset and eating dinner by candlelight. If you're dating a manly man who just isn't into romance, then you don't have to worry about impressing him on dates. Here are a few activities that guys like him would love to do:

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Baseball Game

Baseball Game It doesn't matter if you take him to a hockey game, a football game, or a baseball game, because he'll love it! If you can't afford tickets to watch the professionals play, then watch a local high school or college team play.



Bowling There's nothing better than challenging your boyfriend to a few rounds of bowling. Winner gets to pick the restaurant you go to for dinner.


Mini Golfing

Mini Golfing As long as you don't go on a crowded day, this will be a relaxing activity that you two can enjoy. You don't even have to keep score, because all that matters is that you're having fun.



Frisbee As long as you have a backyard or a park near your house, you can play frisbee. If you don't own a frisbee, just toss a ball back and fourth.


Burger Joint

Burger Joint You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on every meal. Head to a laid-back burger joint and enjoy a cheap dinner every once in a while.

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Play Pool

Play Pool Every bar you go to will have a pool table, so you might as well learn how to play. Your new skills could come in handy one day.


Batting Cages

Batting Cages If you're horrible at everything that requires coordination, let your man teach you how to enhance your technique. If you get better at hitting, you two could even join a local baseball team and play every weekend.


Four Wheeling

Four Wheeling How much fun would this be? If you aren't interested in this idea, you can at least hop on your bikes and take a spin around the block together.



Hiking The scenery will be beautiful around this time of year, so don't wait until winter to go on a hike.



Paintball Don't be afraid to get dirty, because paintball is a great way to release your built up stress.


Car Show

Car Show If a car show sounds too boring for you, then go to the race track to watch some cars speed around.


Shooting Range

Shooting Range It doesn't matter if you're against the ownership of guns, because it never hurts to learn how to shoot one.


Mud Run

Mud Run This will make you think of running in a whole new way. Exercise will finally feel fun!



Tennis If there's a tennis court at your apartment building or school, use it as often as you can.


Laser Tag

Laser Tag You don't have to be a child to enjoy laser tag. I mean, look at Barney Stinson.



Camping Step away from your electronics for a weekend and enjoy the great outdoors. Just don't forget your bug spray.



Fishing If you're not a fan of fishing, you can at least sit next to him on the dock while he holds the line.

Your man isn't the only one who will enjoy these activities, because you're bound to have a blast, as well. Have you ever gone on any of these fun dates?

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Yes all of these!! We love the adrenaline rush like skydiving!!! Our next date😚

I wish florida had hiking spots

Lmao at the tennis picture!

Oohhh! Great ideas! I'm going to have to see which one of these my hubby will want to do next! Fun!!

sooo... Sports.

The mud run proposal pic is so cute

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