The Most Romantic Dates You Could Go on during Fall ...


The Most Romantic Dates You Could Go on during Fall ...
The Most Romantic Dates You Could Go on during Fall ...

Fall is a time of year when it’s easy to come up with romantic dates. The outdoors are beautiful with the brilliant colors of autumn. But in case you’re short on inspiration, these’re some ideas you can use. By the time fall fades and winter comes you’ll have great memories of your fall dates.

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Visit a Haunted House

Visiting a haunted house is a date that’s sure to get you in the mood for Halloween. Enjoy being spooked with your man. What’s better than jumping into his arms because you’re scared? It’s a thrill you’ll both enjoy. It’s a lot of fun and if you don’t find the haunted house scary then you’ll share a lot of laughs.


Carve Pumpkins Together

You’re never too old to carve pumpkins. In fact, carving as an adult is a lot more fun because you can get really intricate with the designs you choose. My husband and I spent a day carving pumpkins a couple weeks ago and it was a lot of fun. Watching them light up your porch is nice, too. Another plus is that it’s an economical fall date to enjoy when you’re short on cash.


Get Lost in a Corn Maze

I’ve never got to do this but I want to! It’s on my fall bucket list. I think it would be wonderfully romantic to get lost in a corn maze together. This’s something that’s usually a low cost activity so it’s easy for everyone to enjoy. Choose a crisp fall evening to enjoy this date; it seems like the perfect activity for a flannel shirt and jeans.


Snuggle up and Watch a Movie Together

Fall evenings are perfect for this! When it’s cold outside and you don’t want to venture out then have a date night in. Snuggle up together and watch a movie you’ve both wanted to see. Share a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the coziness of an evening cuddling together. You may decide this’s a favorite way to spend an evening any time of year.


Go for Hot Cocoa

Going for hot cocoa is perfect for a fall date. Choose your favorite coffee shop and enjoy having hot cocoa made just the way you like it. If you want, sit outdoors and enjoy the brisk temperatures. You can also take a walk afterward which helps burn the calories of your treat. Hot cocoa is always a good idea, wouldn’t you agree?


Have a Bonfire

This can be something you enjoy alone as a couple or invite some friends over for a social gathering. It’s fun to pull out your coats and boots for an evening around the fire. You can roast hot dogs, make s’mores or another favorite treat. If you’re alone then you’ll probably find this’s a very romantic way to spend an evening. Either way, it’s a date that’s perfect for this season!


Take a Scenic Drive through the Countryside

It seems that the older I am, the more I enjoy the beauty of fall. I love to take in the colors of the leaves changing and watching them fall as I drive. Taking a drive through a scenic area near you is a way you can make the most of fall. You can make this a day trip or enjoy a weekend away together in a location where fall foliage is at it’s peak. Either way, it can be a special time for you to spend together.

These’re 7 romantic fall dates to enjoy with your sweetheart. Which one do you most want to do? Share your thoughts!

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