This is What Happens when You're Too Choosy when Dating ...


This is What Happens when You're Too Choosy  when Dating ...
This is What Happens when You're Too Choosy  when Dating ...

What happens when you're too choosy when dating?

For many of us, the dating game can be extremely difficult. Do you find that go on a string of dates with different guys that never ever come to anything? Have you ever taken a second to consider exactly why none of these potential love connections never actually work? When you really think about, a lot of these missed connections arise from the fact that just one small thing about a guy puts you off the whole package. Is this really fair? Here’s what happens when you’re too choosy when dating.

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All Dressed up with No Place to Go

blond, girl, recreation, You’ve burned through all of your lined up dates and disregarded them for this or for that. Maybe he was too short, maybe he was too tall, maybe he didn’t hold the door open for you on your way out of the restaurant. The only problem now is that it’s Friday night and you don’t have anything to do! What happens when you're too choosy when dating is that you find yourself with nowhere to go and no one to be with.


Dating Stress

hair, human hair color, girl, blond, long hair, The idea of dating becomes much more stressful for you because you spend the entire time preparing yourself for that one thing to occur that is going to turn you off of him forever, and in doing so, you forget to acknowledge all of the good stuff that is happening too!


Demoralizing Dates

drink, drinking, alcohol, eating, girl, Frankly, you are just sick and tired of going on a strings of successive dates that you just know aren’t going to pan out, mostly because the guy isn’t Ryan Gosling. But then, who other than the man himself is!?


You Don’t Want to Hear It

mouth, girl, You might be well aware of the fact that you are too picky, but that doesn’t mean that you want to hear all of your friends telling it to you all the time! Hearing them complain is just as annoying as the dates disappointing you in the first place!


Tired of Explaining

photograph, black and white, person, monochrome photography, photography, You come to dread family functions and special occasions because it just becomes a two hour long event in which you have to keep explaining to people why you are still single. Okay, Aunt Jane, I still don’t have a boyfriend, can we move on now?


Bad Reputation

photo caption, girl, Even though you can’t help being choosy, you start to gain a reputation around town as a girl who can’t ever be satisfied, and this can start having a negative affect on even trying to get a date in the first place!


Growing Cynicism

eyewear, vision care, glasses, girl, sunglasses, Becoming cynical is an inevitable, but undesirable consequence of being a little bit too picky with your dating life. After so many failed attempts to succeed in romance, it is understandable that you might start to assume that it is never going to happen for you.


Alone Forever?

, You don’t want to admit it, but there is little part of you that is scared that you are so picky that you might just be alone forever. You don’t like to think about it a lot, but after every failed date, the thought does enter your mind!


No Sexy Times

human hair color, girl, beauty, mouth, cheek, One major perk of being in a relationship is that your sexual needs are taken care of regularly! When you are navigating a choosy dating life, it really can be a case of slim pickings!


Parent Pressure

chin, girl, brown hair, lip, scene, Does your mother keep dropping hints about wanting to become a grandma? Okay, we get it, you want me to shack up soon, but lay off with heavy handed pressure to breed!

Maybe your expectations are too high. It’s good to have standards, but if it means you’re not giving guys a chance, they need to be loosened a little.

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