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Due to the craziness in our everyday lives, most times we are so busy that we lose touch with ourselves and sadly, with our better half too, and that’s why, it’s always best to know a few very efficient tips on how to increase intimacy in your relationship. Intimacy is a must-have ingredient for every successful relationship, but the most common excuse people use for justifying some problems in their relationship is the lack of time. This way of thinking is in fact dysfunctional, because there are so many different ways to learn how to increase intimacy in your relationship without sacrificing too much of your time!

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Take Initiative

A happy relationship will always require work on your behalf and also some effort from your other half too. That’s why, in my opinion, one of the most efficient tips on how to increase intimacy in your relationship I could give you, is to tell you to take the initiative more often. I’m not talking only about taking initiative when it comes to spending your vacation or your weekends but also, when you have something on your mind that bothers you. Talk to your partner and try to solve it; don’t be afraid to bring it up!


More Time Together

I know that people tend to blame the problems in their relationship on their busy schedule but, actually, there is no excuse such as: “I don’t have the time for it”. A relationship will not survive if it’s neglected. Spend more time together! Have at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted conversation with each other every day and at least one long conversation (around 2 hours) every week. Do fun things together, go to a gym or take a long walk in the park! Just let your creativity flow.


Don’t Forget about Date Night

I know that you may think you are too busy or that you know and love each other for too long to do that, but you shouldn’t forget about date night. Make your relationship your number one focus for at least a couple of nights every week. You’ll get to dress up for your loved one and you’ll spend some quality time enjoying each other’s company. That’s why at least a date night every week will help kindle your intimacy.


Leave Love Messages

Another best way to improve intimacy in your relationship is to leave love messages for your partner. You may think this sounds a bit childish, but it’s actually so much fun. Just think about the things you like about your partner, write them down on sticky notes and put them in places you know he or she will find them. You can try also texting or sending e-mails. It’s your choice, but I think the sticky notes are much more romantic.


Be Open and Honest with Your Partner

In order to increase intimacy and have a healthy and happy relationship, you should learn to be open with each other. I once read that “to be in a relationship is to take a step toward opening up your life and opening up yourself” and I believe it’s extremely important to be honest with your partner and with yourself. Usually, little lies turn into big lies so try to avoid it by being sincere and by allowing you sometimes to feel a bit vulnerable by talking with your loved one about things you never talked about with anyone before.


Give Each Other Some Space

I know this may sound a bit odd or even counter productive, but you can definitely increase intimacy in your relationship just by giving each other some space now and then. Don’t smother your partner, because just like you, he or she needs some alone time too. Do some things separately (not too many though!) and this way, when you’ll see each other, you’ll value more the time you’ll spend together.


Be a Good Listener

One of the best ways to solve a lot of problems and to improve any relationship is to always try to be a good listener. If you think you don’t have this ability, it’s actually pretty easy to learn it. You just need to put a little effort into it and you’ll learn how to communicate better with your partner in no time. By being a good listener and by providing feedback to what he or she is saying, you’ll increase the intimacy and you’ll improve the communication in your relationship.

There are a lot ways to increase intimacy in your relationship, but I only mentioned a few which seem to offer spectacular results in a jiffy. I’m sure though, that there are a lot of other creative ways to improve intimacy. So, can you give me a hand? Please, share you tips with us!

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