How to Enjoy Christmas when You're Single, Broken Hearted or in a LDR ...


Christmas is not the best time of year to be single or to be away from your LDR partner. I also find that even people who have made the choice to be single can find themselves questioning their decision at this time of year. Love is all around and you’re not getting your fair share. You have to work just a little bit harder to make sure you enjoy Christmas, because you deserve a happy time just like everyone else.

1. Get Some Perspective

Get Some Perspective

When you really think about it, Christmas Day is just one day out of an entire year; the only meaning it has is the meaning that you give it.

Make the Most of It


My boyfriend and I just broke up a couple weeks ago, and it's been pretty rough. I hope these tips help!
I loved this post! I'm in a LDR and the holidays are difficult, but family and friends help. It's a good time of year to devote time to volunteering and charity work, (not just as a way of distracting...
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