How do I Flirt 😘 on Snapchat 📱?


How do I flirt on Snapchat? Easy! Very similar to Insta and text flirting, except a few little nuances. As long as you follow these simple 7 flirting tips for Snapchat, you are golden.

1. Make Sure You do Not Look at Yourself, but into the Camera when Making a Flirty Snap

This crucial mistake of looking into your own eyes while taking a selfie appears narcissistic. You might not even realize you're doing it! So, the next time you take a snap, make sure your eyes are focused on the lens of your camera, which is into the eyes of your crush. It should look as if you're looking at your crush in person.

Keep Your Phone out of the Frame for the Best Flirting Snap


@Feefeey, well just reply my saying "sure" to streaks and then text him "can we talk?
Question: how to start a conv when he is always sending u " streaks"??😥
Vikram Samson
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