10 Ways to Be the Coolest Girlfriend Ever in the Eyes of Your Man ...


10 Ways to Be the Coolest Girlfriend Ever in the Eyes of Your Man ...
10 Ways to Be the Coolest Girlfriend Ever in the Eyes of Your Man ...

There are so many ways to be a cool girlfriend! They'll each put you on the journey to a permanent relationship. Every guy wants a girl who understands him and accepts him for the way he is. Knowing how to be a cool girlfriend will help you tune into his feelings and the way he ticks and prove your value in the relationship. Hopefully you’ll get the same in return and get the coolest boyfriend ever. So, here are my favorite ways to be a cool girlfriend.

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You Allow Him Time Apart

girl, emotion, fun, interaction, human, There’s nothing worse than a clingy girlfriend who won’t let a guy be away from her. One of the best ways to be a cool girlfriend is to give him some space. Don’t text him every 10 minutes. Don’t quiz him about who he’s going out with and where. Don’t just “happen to drop in” at the bar where he and his guys are hanging out and don’t expect blow by blow details of his evening out. Irrational jealousy and anger is ugly. Be comfortable and trusting enough to do your own thing while he’s off doing his.


Don’t Demand to Be Impressed All the Time

interaction, human, film, human behavior, girl, Be happy to visit your favourite pizza parlour instead of the fancy restaurant your friends have been raving about. It’s the company that matters. He’s choosing to spend his time with you and that’s what’s important.


Allow Him His Habits and Idiosyncrasies

photograph, woman, facial expression, pink, friendship, So what if he’s a bit wacky? Maybe he likes to eat peanut butter from the jar with his fingers (buy a separate jar!) or he is obsessed with The Simpsons. Maybe he likes to wear his college football shirt all weekend. These are little things that make him him. Leave them be.


Be One of the Guys

event, girl, audience, fun, interaction, It’s good to be able to let him hang with the guys without you interfering or moaning or checking on him, but it’s good to be able to hang out with them too. The coolest girlfriends are liked by the boyfriend’s mates. You join in and just act naturally around them, being comfortable in their company.


Be a Sex Goddess, but Only for Him

black, photograph, person, black and white, kiss, You know that saying, a lady in public and a whore in the boudoir? It’s true. Being classy when you’re out with him removes any issues that he may think you’re flirting with or eyeing up any other guys and when he gets home, he knows he’s got his very own personal sex goddess. Sex isn’t everything in a relationship but it helps … a lot.


Know How to Cook His Favourite Meal

girl, arm, drink, muscle, finger, Ok, so you are a lousy cook who can’t even boil an egg, but you know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right? No matter how much of a struggle it is, learn how to cook his favourite meal. He’ll love it, even if it’s a bit burnt round the edges or a wee bit soggy in the middle.


Show Interest in the Things He Loves

girl, midnight, Does your guy have blokey hobbies? Don’t say you hate football, soccer or baseball. Become a fan or do a very good imitation of one. Learn some of the rules of his favourite game and some of the popular terms. He’ll be so proud when you shout “offside ref” when he plays his next soccer game. Support him or his team and win the game of being the coolest girlfriend.


Always Have Something to Say

black, photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, It’s great to have comfortable silences, but awkward silences are a whole other matter. Be sure to always have something, interesting, random, intellectual or stupid (funny) to say.


Make Him Comfortable in Your Presence

interaction, girl, love, kiss, Allow him to be him. If he farts or burps, don’t make a song and dance about it. Make him comfortable whether he’s in his best suit or wandering around in broad daylight in a pair of torn boxers.


Let Him Be a Man

girl, snapshot, mouth, interaction, black hair, This means knowing the difference between being a strong, independent woman and emasculating him. There are times when a man feels he has to play the man’s role in old fashioned way. Let him. If you are happy and comfortable with your status in the relationship, don’t fight for the last word and don’t deprive him of his manhood, metaphorically speaking.

Relationships are hard and take effort. You can be the coolest girlfriend ever and it still not go anywhere. If you give it your best shot, at least you know it wasn’t you that caused it to fail and that he wasn’t the right guy for you.

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My bf say that he thinks sex is one of the main things about being in a relationship but I keep disagreeing with him. Am I being wrong?

No! You're not wrong! There are many perks about being in a relationship.

Girl hes a man,sex is more important to him. For us its quality not quanity. Men are a diffetent beast. Come off of it an extra day a week or so. You can compromise

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