5 Irresistible Things to do to Leave Him Wanting More ...


5 Irresistible Things to do to Leave Him Wanting More  ...
5 Irresistible Things to do to Leave Him Wanting More  ...

Us ladies are always looking for things to do to leave him wanting more. There is nothing better than getting the guy you admire to approach you eager to have you in his arms. Although it sounds like music to our ears, sometimes, they need a little help with being guided into our love bubbles. The energy in our signals is so powerful, and sometimes we forget how to use that to our advantage. I’m here to show you how to make a guy fall in love by exercising your seductive energy. Here's exactly how to make him want you more.

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Eye Contact

face, black, black and white, person, monochrome photography, This is number one for a reason and is the most important of the many things to do to leave him wanting more. Eye contact is your most important secret weapon. Your gaze will be your first demonstration to him that you are interested. He will get the message when you stare into his eyes for a few seconds and then look away. Repeat this again to make it clear to him that you are interested.


Be Inviting

human hair color, beauty, brown hair, socialite, girl, Help encourage him to come talk to you by being approachable. Your smile is a part of your powerful weaponry. This will heighten the energy between the two of you and he will immediately know you’re in a good mood. He also may take it as an invitation to come over to see what you’re all about.


Get Close to Him

girl, Light, non-verbal physical contact can really set him on fire. Your plan of seduction will fall into place gracefully if this is done right. Brushing up against his arm as you walk by or “accidentally” touching his hand is flirtatious enough for him to catch the hint.


Your Scent

nose, cheek, brown hair, lip, girl, Scientifically speaking, scents and smells trigger memories. Sometimes you can randomly smell an old perfume and it reminds you of a particular time period, person, song or thing in your life. Just as we do, guys also love things that smell great. Allow him to get a whiff of your scent or perfume. If he happens to smell your signature scent he will immediately think of you or be in high hopes that you’re somewhere nearby.


Get Him Thinking

hair, human hair color, blond, girl, lady, This one can be a bit tricky, but if done correctly will rev up his thoughts. You want to fascinate and confuse him at the same time. The plan is to have him wondering “what’s really going on” with you. A woman a man is thinking about is a woman he will soon become attracted to in one way or another. Be coy, but also be direct. By mixing your flirty qualities it will make him want to know more and draw him to you.

Listen to me girl. You were born with everything you need to get a guy to want you. Your energy drives your irresistible signals and he's going to be wanting more each time he sees you.

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