13 do's and Don'ts of Texting Your Crush ...


13 do's and Don'ts of Texting Your Crush ...
13 do's and Don'ts of Texting Your Crush ...

There are rules for texting your crush to avoid it becoming a minefield of mistakes that simply put him off. Do you wait for him to text back before you send another text? Do you blow up his phone to show him how much you like him? Guys don't communicate as often or in the same way that girls do so it's good to know the do's and don'ts of texting your crush. Here they are.

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Do: Keep Track of Who Texts Who First

eyewear, vision care, glasses, sunglasses, girl, If you find yourself always being the one to initiate conversation, take a step back and realize he shouldn’t think you’re head over heels. The rules for texting your crush means having a bit of restraint.


It's a balancing act in the digital dance of courtship. If you're the perennial first-texter, your crush might take your affection for granted. Take note of the texting frequency and try to let them come to you sometimes. This doesn't mean playing hard to get, but rather giving them a chance to miss you. Keeping track of this dynamic ensures that you're not the only one putting effort into the communication. If the interest is mutual, they'll be excited to reach out, too. Remember, it's a two-way street in the game of texts!


Don’t: Respond in 2 Seconds

human hair color, girl, long hair, brown hair, darkness, Even if you did actually see the text right that second, take a solid five minutes before replying. It’ll make him think you’re not at his beck and call just staring at your phone for hours a day hoping his name will pop up on the screen.


Don’t: Being Overly Flirtatious

mobile phone, gadget, electronic device, communication device, feature phone, It’s not a bad idea to give hints, but limit it to that, at least in the beginning. Again, less power to him is more power to you.


When it comes to texting your crush, it is important to remember that less is more. Being overly flirtatious in text messages can often come off as desperate or pushy. It is best to give subtle hints and let your crush come to the conclusion that they are interested in you.

When you are texting your crush, keep it light and fun. Don’t be too forward or aggressive. Ask questions that will get to know your crush on a deeper level. Show interest in their passions and hobbies. This will help to create a connection between the two of you.

Avoid sending too many text messages in a row. Give your crush some space to respond. If they don’t respond right away, don’t take it personally. Everyone has their own pace when it comes to texting.

It is also important to remember that texting can be misinterpreted. Make sure you use proper grammar and spelling. Avoid using abbreviations or slang. This will help to ensure that your crush understands your messages.

When texting your crush, make sure to keep it positive. Compliment them and make them feel good. Avoid talking about negative topics or getting into arguments. This can ruin the connection that you are trying to build.


Don’t: Send “those” Emojis…even as a Joke

girl, black hair, socialite, long hair, drink, Getting straight to the point is something all of us like to do, but in this specific scenario, you don’t want to give him the wrong idea. If you want something real and that lasts, don’t go there right away.


Using provocative or overly flirty emojis might seem harmorous or playful, but they can be easily misconstrued and risk coming across as too forward or not serious. This is especially true in the early stages of a potential relationship where text messages can lack the nuance of face-to-face interactions. Stick to more benign emojis that convey your personality and emotions without the double entendre. Expressive yet tasteful use of emojis can add colour to your conversation without leading it down an unintended path.


Do: Use “nicknames” as a Joke

girl, This one is acceptable and can be quite effective if used in moderation. Words like “honey,” “sweetheart”, or “baby” can totally be used as a light flirting mechanism.


However, tread lightly with the humor to avoid making your crush uncomfortable. It's crucial to read their responses and gauge whether they're enjoying the nickname game or if they're not quite responding in kind. If they reply with their own playful nickname for you, it’s a green light to keep the vibe bubbly and fun. But remember, never use a nickname that could be taken offensively or feels too intimate too soon, as it might send the wrong signal or create an awkward situation. Balance is key—you want to be flirty, not creepy!


Do: Make Him Wait the Same Amount of Time He Makes You Wait

mobile phone, gadget, electronic device, communication device, black and white, If you’re in the middle of a solid half hour of conversation and he randomly doesn’t text back for ten minutes, don’t hesitate to do the same to him.


While patience is certainly a virtue, keeping him on his toes can make the texting game more balanced and intriguing. Remember, if he's truly interested, he'll notice your mirroring tactics and might step up his game. This subtle technique can signal that you're not just waiting by the phone – you have a vibrant life, too! However, don’t go overboard and turn it into a game of who can out-wait the other – a mature relationship shouldn’t be built on power plays. Keep it playful and light, but don't lose your ground.


Don’t: Use Capital Letters in Every Text

, Seeming overly excited can be frustrating to guys, especially since they don’t like all the drama that comes with it.


Using ALL CAPS in text messages is like shouting in a conversation. It's not just about seeming too excited or dramatic—capital letters can also come across as aggressive or confrontational. Texting your crush should feel like a tennis match; a back-and-forth exchange that's lively but not overwhelming. Moreover, punctuating every message with capital letters can strip away the subtlety and nuance from your words. You want each text to reflect a piece of your personality, so keep it cool, calm, and collected—not like you accidentally left the caps lock on.


Do: Use His Name

beauty, girl, smile, fun, black hair, Everybody finds it more personal when their name is used in conversation. And if he does this with you, that’s a good sign, as well.


Hearing his name from your end can send little sparks of excitement coursing through him. It's a psychological nudge, a subtle way to create a more intimate connection. So weave his name into your messages here and there, but keep it natural—not overbearing. It's like seasoning in cooking; just enough can enrich the flavor, but too much can overpower the dish. And remember, when he uses your name, it's like he's highlighting the message just for you, making you feel special and more than just another contact in his phone.


Don’t: Lie to Make Yourself Seem More Interesting

hairstyle, girl, black hair, socialite, long hair, This is a must NOT do because it will come back to hurt you if you do get into a relationship in the future.


Do: Ask Questions to Show Interest

human hair color, girl, black hair, long hair, selfie, It’s a great strategy to make the other person talk about themselves or their interests. It makes them comfortable.


Asking questions not only peeks into their world, but it also takes the pressure off you to do all the talking. Get curious about their hobbies, favorite music, or recent adventures and send those questions their way. Remember, everyone loves a good listener, and this approach sets you up as someone who values their thoughts and experiences. Plus, this could lead to discovering common interests, which can be a golden ticket to more engaging conversations. Just be sure your questions are thoughtful and show that you're genuinely interested, not just trying to fill a silence.


Don’t: Be Afraid to Bridge Deeper Conversations

skin, nose, eyebrow, product, black hair, But don’t do it right off the bat. Find a way to maneuver the conversation into what you want to talk about after a while of making him talk about himself.


Don’t: Shy Away from Face-to-face Interactions

girl, If you don’t see him on a regular basis, you might want to consider asking him to “hang out,” even if it is with a group of people to start. If you don’t know anyone in common, this can be difficult, but that might be a good reason to get some alone time.


Do: Be the One to Cut off the Conversation Sometimes

photograph, person, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, This is great because it makes him know you have a life outside of him.

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