How to Get Your Heart Broken in 30 Days ...


How to Get Your Heart Broken in 30 Days ...
How to Get Your Heart Broken in 30 Days ...

Wondering how to get a broken heart in 30 days? Tired of successful love relationships? Need some drama in your life? Well, this is your lucky day. Follow my steps and I guarantee you will be the most wretched person living on the planet. Here's how to get a broken heart in 30 days.

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Have High Expectations

Always believe that your man will do every romantic gesture there is on the planet. Wait for him to text you in the morning. Or better, believe that he will change for you. Be absolutely positive that he will do everything you want, without you even asking. Expect that he will dedicate time for you in the midst of his bustling life because you are so special and because he cannot stop thinking about you all day long. That's one great answer for how to get a broken heart in 30 days, but there are more.


Be Yourself

Yes, you don’t have to doll yourself up, because no matter what you do, they only think of one thing. You know what that thing is, right? Don’t pretend to laugh at his jokes because you know what, he is actually not funny. Do you know that TERRIBLE jokes can actually increase your blood pressure? Be the chatty person you are, and talk to him about your day because he deserves to suffer in this relationship too.


Ask for His Attention

You know what they say: if he cares enough, he will give you all need without you asking. But what if he doesn’t care enough? Are you going to just let it go? Be the nagging person you can be at that time of the month and ask for what you want. Now you know how to break your heart, what about his?!

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