6 Ways Men React to a Bad Break up ...


6 Ways Men  React to a Bad Break up ...
6 Ways Men  React to a Bad Break up ...

There are specific ways men react to a bad breakup. We all deal with bad breakups in a variety of ways. For women, a bad break up is usually dealt with using a lot of snacks and sometimes endless conversations with our friends. But how do men deal with a bad breakup? Some of their ways are not different than women’s. Others might come as a surprise. Here are the most common ways men react to a bad breakup.

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Forget They Have a House

Sometimes a man reacts to bad breakups by forgetting he owns a house where he can go and get some sleep or take a shower. This little bit of information will escape their minds. They will crawl from one bar to the other and then probably end up sleeping on someone else’s couch. Especially if their ex-girlfriend spent a lot of time at their apartment they will try to spend as little time there as possible during the first days after the breakup. But that's just one of the ways men react to a bad breakup. Keep reading for more.


They Will Be Angry with Everyone and Everything

Men don’t usually have the need to talk about a breakup – or pretty much anything else – to the extent that women do. So he will most likely inform his friends about the breakup using a simple phrase and then spend the next five days being angry at everyone and everything. Men will blame everything about the breakup, but not themselves. And when someone dares to ask them why they are so angry they will most likely deny it, saying they are fine.


Spend Hours Playing Video Games

As mentioned in the previous entry, men will inform their friends about the breakup without going into details and then drop off the face of the earth for a few days. When that happens they will most likely stay at home with a respectable amount of snacks and a variety of video games that will keep their minds focused elsewhere and off the breakup.


Sleep around

This is another way men react to a bad breakup. It is part anger, part the need to get an affirmation that they are still desirable by the opposite sex. They will make irrational decisions about who they will sleep with and most likely they will regret half of those choices in the next couple of weeks.


Do Nothing

This is also a possibility. They will go on with their lives as if nothing has happened. Besides the occasional momentary grief when they encounter situations that remind them of the relationship, they will just move on.


Develop Stalker Tendencies

They might check the ex-girlfriend’s social media pages a little more frequently than before, fretting over every new photograph or phrase she put up there and might even tell their friends to report to them if they see their ex out and especially if she is with someone else. They won’t turn into real stalkers (hopefully) but for the first few weeks, they might keep an eye out for their ex’s whereabouts.

There are thousands of ways that people deal with bad breakups. Usually, these ways are highly affected by the person’s personality, the type of relationship they had and whose decision it was to end the relationship. To be fair, half of this list applies to women as well. These reactions will most likely last for a few weeks after the breakup and then people will move on with their lives. We only have one life to live after all. Can’t waste it away being sad forever just because one relationship went bad.

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