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Ladies, I’m sure you have all seen the movie The Ugly Truth and learned that you should not give your heart away to a man too easily. Men fall in love with their eyes, whereas women fall in love with their ears. Dating should be a journey; don’t rush to give your heart away so quickly. Here are some reasons not to rush into a relationship.

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Men Are Lustful

One of the biggest reasons not to give your heart away to a man so quickly is because men are lustful. Don’t get me wrong, not ALL men are lustful, but the majority of them fall in love with a woman’s body and image before falling in love with her personality and qualities. A relationship takes time and must therefore not be focused solely on being physical and lusting for each other. You should wait before opening up and giving him your most precious gift ever…your heart.


You Will Get Hurt

Giving your heart away to a man just because he has a pretty face can sadly leave you heartbroken and alone. Women are more nurturing and motherly so we often get wrapped up in the idea that we want to change him or make him fall in love with us. But why force a relationship just for the sake of being in one? It’s not worth it to jump into a relationship with just a hope that it may work out. You should first figure out if he deserves your love and if he possesses the qualities and lifestyle you’re looking for in a partner.


You May Only Be Trying to Fill a Void

If you’ve recently been burned by a past relationship or maybe have been going through some difficult times in your own personal life, you may only be seeking a man’s love because you want to fill a void in your heart. If a guy so much as shows you a little attention or kindness, don’t jump into his arms and say you’re in love. You don’t love him. You love the idea of him; you love the attention he’s giving you. When a man sees how vulnerable a woman is, he will more often than not simply take advantage of her. Don’t allow a man to dictate your emotions.


You Are Young: Choose Carefully

It’s okay to be picky. You should keep a list of qualities you are looking for in a man and promise yourself NOT to bend and fall for someone who is anything less than what you’re looking for. Without having an expectation, you will of course be one to give your heart away too quickly to a guy because ANY man appears to be an eligible bachelor. Again, don’t settle with someone who just has a pretty face but doesn’t posses the qualities you are looking for. Remember that you are young and that there is so much life to still be living and so many people to still meet – just keep living your life and doing what you love and Mr. Right will reveal himself to you soon enough…be patient and be picky.


Figure out What You Want First

You might be thinking, "I don’t know how to be picky because I don’t know what I want or what I’m looking for in a guy." Well, first you need to figure out what you want and then release the intention into the Universe. If you keep changing your mind about the kind of guy you want to attract, you’re going to continuously find and date the wrong ones. By giving your heart away too quickly you will never know what you want because you will be spending time with someone else rather than focusing on you first. Set your priorities straight, set your list of qualities in your perfect match, and date before getting serious with someone.


He May Be Hiding Something

Another big reason not to give your heart away so quickly is because he might be hiding something from you while in the talking/dating phase. Time is truly the best and worst part about dating. It’s the best thing about dating because only time will tell if you two belong together through sharing experiences and learning about one another. It’s the worst thing ever because for those of you who are impatient like me, you want a definite and clear answer if he’s the one or not. I would suggest guarding your heart and not opening up your box of feelings towards a guy for at least 4-8 months. Test the waters with him first to see what he’s really all about and what he may hiding underneath.


You Should Build a Foundation First

Everything needs a foundation. Houses are not built without one. Relationships cannot be built without one. Think about the steps you took before befriending your bestie. You both small-talked first, then tested each other to see if there was trust and similarities between the two of you, and then you built a foundation and became inseparable. What are the common denominators? Time, trust, qualities, and a foundation, right? The same holds true for a relationship with a man. Become friends, then best friends, then boyfriend/girlfriend, and then give him your heart.

Is there ever a guarantee that the two of you will love each other and last? No, of course not. But there are some controllable factors, such as your pace with him and your feelings towards him. If you can be strong enough to guard your heart and test the waters before diving into feelings, you will have stronger and healthier relationships. How will you guard your heart before giving it away?

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Im gonna be 22 and have never been in love because of these reasons. This couldnt be more true

Amazingly said

Good tips.thx

This is so cool, I've starting following my logics first then my feelings before reading this and it really backs off the wrong guys to mAke room for the right one

I truly agree with this , I totally thought it was me .. For why all the previous guys I talked to were jacka**es

so true !!

So true!!

I gave my heart away too quickly to my ex and got my heart broken. Never again

I feel like some of these tips promote cynicism. If you're really worried about dating, just don't do it. The problem solves itself.

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