Ways to Prevent Heartbreak This Year ...


Ways to Prevent Heartbreak This Year ...
Ways to Prevent Heartbreak This Year ...

Looking for some ways to prevent heartbreak? If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it is that in the world of dating, there is nothing more devastating and soul-destroying than heartbreak. To be heartbroken doesn’t just affect your emotional state, but it can also have an impact on your physical state too, leaving you a shell of your former self. None of us want that for ourselves or for those closest to us, so the plan for 2018 is to stay as far away from unnecessary heartbreak as possible! If you have recently been unlucky in love, then this might seem like an impossible task, but follow my tips and you might find yourself having a much better time of it. Here are some ways to prevent heartbreak this year.

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Work on Yourself

forehead, human, audio, computer wallpaper, Working on yourself is one of the best ways to prevent heartache. Rather than looking outward to try to find someone to temporarily patch up the hurt, instead take some time to work on yourself this year. It might sound like a harsh analogy, but nobody wants to buy a broken car, and if you are that broken car than the chances are that whatever relationship you end up in will again end in your being traded for a better model.


Know What You Want

girl, darkness, lip, portrait, brown hair, Sit down and have a think about the things that you really want. Having these goals and romantic ambitions clear in your mind will be very helpful when it comes to deciding who you are going to take the jump with. You deserve the very best and you deserve somebody who is going to give you what you want, so don’t enter into something with a person who does not meet your standards.


Find a Hobby

beauty, lady, black and white, fashion accessory, girl, Try to organise your life so that romance isn’t the only thing that you have for stimulation, interaction and enjoyment. Find some hobbies that take up some of your time. By filling your life with other social activities, you won’t feel as compelled to rush into a bad relationship simply for the companionship.


Observe and Listen

black and white, photography, monochrome photography, girl, black hair, Don’t let flashy looks fool you into thinking that somebody might be the one for you. Rather than going on looks, try to observe and listen to a potential new partner. There is so much that you can glean from just a few short sessions of paying close attention to a person, much more than you might imagine. These small red flags could be the difference between you avoiding another heartbreak at the first stage or having to go through it all over again in a few month's time.


Don’t Idolise

human, Even when you're dating somebody who you think you really like, try not to put him on a pedestal because as soon as he does something to disappoint you, you will feel more heartbroken and upset than you necessarily need to be. Don’t put too high expectations on a young romance, and you will won’t feel as crestfallen if it doesn’t pan out.

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