How to Keep Your Love Hot in the Freezing Cold ...

By Alicia

Do you feel like you and your relationship have the winter doldrums? It’s easy for things to seem stale at this time of year. The holidays are behind you and it’s a long stretch till the fun of Valentine’s Day. 💘 So how do you keep the romance going? Here’re 7 tips to help you keep your love hot in the freezing cold! ❄

Table of contents:

  1. plan a coffee ☕date
  2. cuddle up and watch netflix
  3. go sledding
  4. cook dinner together
  5. go bowling 🎳
  6. go for a carriage ride
  7. plan a vacation together

1 Plan a Coffee ☕Date

What better date than this one when the temperatures are dropping? A coffee date has many points it it’s favor. It’s fun, it’s a nice warm treat when it’s cold outside and it’s economical! The atmosphere of a coffee shop is great for talking and getting to know each other better if your relationship is young. It’s also great for long-term couples to catch up with one another if you’ve both been busy.

2 Cuddle up and Watch Netflix

I’m just going to admit it. As much as my husband and I love to go out for Mexican or Italian 🍝, this’s one of our favorite ways to spend time together. Cuddling up to a show you both love on Netflix is a great way to spend a winter evening. My husband and I just recently finished watching the series “When Calls The Heart” and we both enjoyed it immensely. Make a big bowl of popcorn and you’re all set!

3 Go Sledding

This’s a fun, playful way to keep your love hot when it’s cold outside. You still might be cold but your romance won’t! What’s better than holding onto your man as you sled down a daring hill? And who knows? A snowball fight could even break out. ☃

4 Cook Dinner Together

Cooking together can be a lot of fun. It feels less like a chore when you’re doing it together. You could make a pot of soup for a cold winter day or bake a sweet treat. If you want to do a kind deed, bake some cookies 🍪, brownies or other treat to a neighbor or a grandparent. You’re sure to make their day.

5 Go Bowling 🎳

Bowling is a great activity when it’s cold and yucky outside. It’s nice and warm inside and you can have a lot of fun. Go by yourselves or invite some friends to come along for a double date. True, it’s not a spring picnic but it’s a fun way to spend an evening in the winter. You may even decide it’s one of your favorite dates.

6 Go for a Carriage Ride

This’s always a popular choice and it’s no wonder. It’s very romantic! What could be more lovely than a carriage ride with your sweetheart? Add a blanket and some warm hot chocolate and you’re sure to be cozy and warm. If this sounds good to you then drop a few hints to your man!

7 Plan a Vacation Together

This’s always fun. Winter is the perfect time to dream of sunny skies 🌞 and sand between your toes. Plan your summer vacation together while snow’s on the ground. It’s sure to lift your spirits. It’s also good for you as a couple to dream of your future together.

These’re 7 tips to keep your love hot when it’s freezing cold. Now it’s your turn! How do you keep things interesting when the gray of winter is upon us?

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