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Things No One Tells You about Falling in Love ...

By Holly

If you believe everything you've seen in romantic comedies, you'll think that falling in love will lead to your perfect, fairytale life. If you believe everything you've seen on sitcoms, then you'll believe all marriages end with unhappy husbands and nagging wives. Well, neither portrayal of love is completely accurate. Here are a few things that nobody will tell you about falling in love:

1 It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight You might develop feelings for someone overnight, but you won't be able to form a successful relationship overnight. That requires a lot of effort. In order to love your partner fully, you have to learn about their passions, hear about their interests, and see their flaws. If you do all of that, and can still say that you love them, then you know that your feelings are legitimate.

2 You’re Going to Fight about Dumb Things

You’re Going to Fight about Dumb Things Even after you fall in love with someone, you're still going to have arguments with them. It's impossible to date someone, live with someone, and see them every single day without getting annoyed by some things. Of course, frequent fighting doesn't mean that you should break up. If you two are meant to be, then you'll be able to compromise and move past your fights.

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3 It’s Terrifying

cartoon, illustration, drawing, anime, Love is a little less terrifying after you meet the right person. However, the scariness doesn't disappear completely. After all, it's a big deal to open your heart up to someone. You risk letting them cheat on you, disrespect you, and break up with you. Love isn't all highs. There are some lows, too.

4 You Can Give Each Other Bad Habits

You Can Give Each Other Bad Habits You've probably heard that the right person for you will make you a better person. While that's true, it's also possible for you to pick up some of their bad habits. If you always see them drinking, then you might start drinking more yourself.

5 You Need More than Love to Make a Relationship Work

black and white, cartoon, monochrome, monochrome photography, drawing, Love is beautiful, but it's not all you need to make a relationship work. If your man wants to have children, but you don't, then you can't stay together. If you don't have the same goals for the future, then one of you will end up unhappy in the end, even though you love each other madly.

6 You Can Love Someone and Dislike Them at the Same Time

You Can Love Someone and Dislike Them at the Same Time If you've ever witnessed a divorce, you've probably seen proof that a couple can love each other, even though they don't like each other anymore. Sometimes, the little things will get to you and your relationship will end. Of course, that doesn't mean the love has faded away. It just means it's no longer strong enough to maintain a healthy relationship.

7 Most People Will Assume Your Relationship Will Fail

cartoon, art, illustration, mural, When you're young and claim that you're in love, adults will make fun of you. When you're older, that doesn't actually change. Since the divorce rate is so high, most of your friends and family members will assume that your relationship is going to fail, even though they probably won't admit it aloud. However, you can't let their doubts get you down.

8 You May Lose Other Relationships

mouth, screenshot, sense, thought, you, When you fall in love, you tend to make that person your number one. You'll do anything to see them and, if possible, you'll spend all of your time together. When that happens, you don't spend as much time talking to and seeing your best friends and family members. This could cause major tension for your existing friendships and relationships.

9 You Have to Compromise More than Ever

person, think, that's, fair., If you grew up with siblings, you'll know that it's all about sharing and give and take. But when you're in a relationship, you will have to do even more things that you don't particularly enjoy - and that is how you show your partner that you love him.

10 You Can Still Have a Crush on Someone else

glasses, music, eyewear, screenshot, Woah,, You may be head over heels for one special guy, but that doesn't mean you won't do a double-take on a good looking chap you see in the streets. Your hotness radar won't just disappear, you'll still feel the blood pumping for other guys!

Love is a funny thing. What other things have you learned about love that most people probably don't know?

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