Signs That a Guy Likes You ...


Signs That a Guy  Likes You ...
Signs That a Guy  Likes You ...

It is always such a tough call to know if a guy likes you. Why are the clues so hard? Well, Antonio Borrello shares with we girls all of the signs to look out for. As he is a man, maybe we should listen?

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Body Language

Does he make eye contact?


Tone of Voice

Does he deepen?


He might deepen his voice subconsciously when he's around you, a sign attributed to instinctual behavior to appear more attractive and dominant. Watch for subtle changes in pitch as he tries to catch your attention. It’s quite an unconscious cue, but if you notice his voice booming a bit more when you enter the room, it can be a dead giveaway that he's interested in you.


Sweaty Palms

This is caused by excitement and sexual interest.


He Licks His Lips

When attracted to a person, your mouth produces extra saliva.


He Stands Straighter

This means, "Hey, look at me!"





Personal Space

He moves closer to you than usual.


Facial Expression

He smiles big smiles.


He Mimics Your Actions

A subconscious sign that he likes you.



He finds a reason to touch you.

Remember as a kid, while pulling off the petals, asking, "Does he love me? Does he love me not?" Maybe Antonio has made our lives a little bit easier!

Maybe your BFF noticed something after all? Has she seen the above telltale signs of a man around you lately?

Good luck!

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