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Signs That a Guy Likes You ...

By Leiann

It is always such a tough call to know if a guy likes you. Why are the clues so hard? Well, Antonio Borrello shares with we girls all of the signs to look out for. As he is a man, maybe we should listen?

1 Body Language

Does he make eye contact?

2 Tone of Voice

Does he deepen?

3 Sweaty Palms

This is caused by excitement and sexual interest.

4 He Licks His Lips

When attracted to a person, your mouth produces extra saliva.

5 He Stands Straighter

This means, "Hey, look at me!"

6 Presentation


7 Personal Space

He moves closer to you than usual.

8 Facial Expression

He smiles big smiles.

9 He Mimics Your Actions

A subconscious sign that he likes you.

10 Touching

He finds a reason to touch you.

Remember as a kid, while pulling off the petals, asking, "Does he love me? Does he love me not?" Maybe Antonio has made our lives a little bit easier!

Maybe your BFF noticed something after all? Has she seen the above telltale signs of a man around you lately?

Good luck!

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