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7 Signs You Have Sexual Chemistry ...

By Sici

Here’s the thing, we can’t control who we find attractive, and we certainly can’t control how much chemistry we share. This can work on both good ways and bad ways, because you might feel a real spark with someone who you don’t think is good for you, and at the other end of the spectrum you might meet someone who seems perfect, but just doesn’t rock your world the way that true chemistry makes happen! Here are seven classic signs you have sexual chemistry with someone, whether you like it or not!

1 Urge

You have an overwhelming urge to be close to them and intimate with them at all times, not just in the bedroom but in every aspect of your existence. You have become almost addicted to them and can’t even remember what life was like before you were introduced to them!

2 Nervousness

There is a nervousness in your interactions with them that you haven’t been used to before. You don’t feel as confident, and that is because you care more about this person than you have cared about others in the past. You don’t want to make a misstep for fear of killing the chemistry.

3 Arousal

Sexual arousal, plain and simple! If you feel a tingling or a throbbing in your loins when you are with them, then it is obvious that their mere presence is having a massive effect on your sexual system! Your downstairs department doesn’t have the ability to lie like your face might!

4 Kissing Temptation

You are constantly fighting the temptation to lean in for a kiss, even in moments when it isn’t particularly appropriate! When the chemistry is high, the urge to want to be close and put lips to lips can be unbearable, so if you spend all your time trying not to kiss him, you know the chemistry is real!

5 Quick to Bed

You find that you are willing to go to bed with him much earlier than your morals usually tell you to because the connection and lust is so strong that any thoughts of being a good girl or making him wait for it fly out of the window!

6 Scent

There is something about his natural scent that drives you crazy. Being attracted to another person’s scent is one of the most ancient and animalistic qualities that a human being can experience, and it doesn’t happen that often!

7 Eye Contact

You don’t feel weird about making and maintaining eye contact with him, in fact, you are actively seeking out a situation in which you can just stare into his eyes and get lost in his gaze! You stare so much that you actually end up having trouble focusing on other things like what he is saying!

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