8 Signs He Will Love You Forever ...


8 Signs He Will Love You Forever ...
8 Signs He Will Love You Forever ...

When you are in the throes of a deep, passion-filled relationship, it might be fair to say that you aren’t thinking about the long-term and what the future might hold for you and your boo as a couple. There is nothing wrong with living in the moment and just enjoying the present in your current loved up state, but it might be nice to see if you can get any sense that he is in this thing for the long haul too! Here are eight signs he will love you forever.

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He Listens

He truly listens to everything that you have to say, even when you are having a debate about something in which you hold very different opinions. The fact that he wants to hear you rather than be stubborn and block you out is testament to his lasting love for you!


Couple Pronouns

You have noticed that nothing is ‘I’ with him anymore, it is all ‘us’ and ‘we’ instead. This means that in his mind he really can’t picture a world without you anymore, and any selfish thoughts of singledom or being on his own have completely disappeared from his psyche!



He is always the first person in your life to offer you help when he thinks you might need it, even before family and your very best friends. This shows not only a desire to see you be happy all the time, but an intuitive sensitivity to when you might be struggling or finding something difficult.


In Sync

There's a lot of stuff in your relationship that operates on an unspoken level, and that is because you are totally in sync. This isn’t something that is very common, so when you do have that connection, you can be sure that the relationship is going all the way.



You are his go-to person whenever he has good news, or wants to tell a secret, or wants some advice on a problem. Whenever there is something going on in his life that he needs to bounce off someone, you are the person that he looks to bounce off first!

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer


He has no problem talking in committed terms about the future. A lot of guys would run a mile if talk about things like marriage and kids came up, but he is actually the one that is starting those conversations with you!


No Faltering

His adoration and affection for you never seems to falter, even when the two of you might have been going through a rough patch for some reason or another. He is level headed and in love enough to know that a row during the day doesn’t mean going to bed mad at each other in the evening.


Confirmation from Others

If your friends and family are telling you that he is the ‘one’, then you should probably believe them because they are usually the ones that are the hardest to win over!

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