10 Signs of Untrue Love ...


10 Signs of Untrue Love ...
10 Signs of Untrue Love ...

When you are in a relationship that includes really strong feelings, you might often mistake them for love, but it is important to understand that being with someone in really meaningful way doesn’t always mean that you are totally and utterly and in love. True love is something that we all crave, but it isn’t always something that we get to experience with every new encounter. If you can recognise the differences between being in a ‘good’ relationship and a relationship that really is true love, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary romantic hassle along the road. Here are ten signs of untrue love.

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Lack of Mind Reading

You can’t seem to be able to understand what your partner is thinking at any time, and they can’t do the same for you. There is a real lack of that deep connection that people in true love like to talk about.


No Chemistry

You spend a lot of time together, but it’s got to a point where you aren't particularly sure why. There is no real electricity or chemistry between the two of you anymore.


No Compliments

You have noticed that you don’t tend to pay each other compliments like other couples you know do. There is a lack of attention that you are paying to one another which means that you don’t pick up on changes and efforts being made.



There is an air of judgement that you can feel from them on a regular basis, almost as if they are trying to hold you back rather than encouraging you to do new things and enjoy new experiences.



Your partner is just super forgetful when it comes to dates and occasions that you thought were important to you as a couple. Birthdays, anniversaries, big plans that have been made ... all those kinds of things.


Bad Texting

You don’t seem to have a good rapport via text message. He doesn’t reply to you often, and you feel like you need keep repeating yourself to get a point across.


Explaining Yourself

You are finding that you have to constantly explain yourself, mostly because your partner isn’t on your wavelength and can’t relate to large portions of your lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be better to find someone who understands?


No Effort

You are finding that on both sides, the two of you are starting to make less and less of an effort with each other. If there is no effort, then the relationship is never going to last, and perhaps shouldn’t.



Rather than being happy to see each other, you don’t feel any real jolt of excitement to be back with them after some time apart. Not a good sign.


Lack of Interest

You never talk about making plans for the future, because one or both of you aren’t particularly interested in envisioning a future that involves this relationship. You need to make a decision at this point and whether or not you are wasting your time.

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