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10 Signs You Share TMI about Your Relationship ...

By Sici

Being in a relationship is great. You might be so happy and satisfied that you want to shout it from the rooftops, but you also need to be careful that you aren’t doing it so much that it starts to grate on everyone around you! We are all happy for our friends and family when they have found somebody special, but that doesn’t mean that we want to hear every little detail 24/7! If you think that you might be in danger of turning in to an over-sharer, then this list is for you! Here are ten signs that you share TMI about your relationship.

1 First Thought

The moment that he does something nice or cute for you, rather than basking in the cuteness, your first thought is to immediately pick up your phone to tell everyone what happened.

2 No Secrets

There is basically nothing about your relationship that is regarded as a secret between you and your boo. You are an open book, but that doesn’t always translate into a good thing when there is no privacy for the two of you.


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3 Admitted

You actually admit it yourself by starting a sentence with “this is probably TMI but…”, but then you go ahead and say it anyway because you can’t help yourself!

4 First Instinct

Whenever you experience a problem in your relationship, your first instinct is to go to your friends to get their advice on the problem, rather than having a go at sorting it out between the two of you first.

5 Social Media

You can’t contain yourself when it comes to posting selfies and updates on social media about your date nights and your activities. Everybody knows where you are at all times whether they want to or not!

6 No inside Jokes

You can’t think of any special inside jokes that you share with your partner because whenever something happens you run to your friends and family and colleagues and let them all in on it too!

7 Conversation Topic

Your own relationship is your favourite topic of conversation. You always find a way to bring it around to your love life.

8 No Limits

You have absolutely not limits or boundaries when it comes to discussing your boo. You don’t mind telling anyone about the finer details of your sex life!

9 Arguments

You have actually gotten in to arguments with your partner before about the fact that you can’t seem to keep anything private between the two of you.

10 Eye Roll

When you mention your partner’s name, you catch an ever so slight hint of your friends rolling their eyes, probably because they are sick to death of having to hear about it!

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