Great Tips to Help Make Sex More Comfortable for You ...


Great Tips to Help Make Sex More Comfortable for You ...
Great Tips to Help Make Sex More Comfortable for You ...

Sex isn't something that your boyfriend should enjoy while you suffer through it. Both of you are supposed to have a good time. However, there are way too many women out there who don't actually enjoy sex. Some of them even feel pain during intercourse. That shouldn't be the case, so if you've been experiencing discomfort, here are a few ways to make sex feel more comfortable for you:

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Foreplay for Longer

Foreplay for Longer It's easy for men to get ready for sex. For women, it takes a little more time. That's why you need to engage in foreplay. Make out for a little while or ask him to go down on you. Do whatever you need to do to get ready for sex. If you're not ready down below the belt, then it's going to feel unpleasant.


When it comes to heating things up in the bedroom, communication is key. Don't be shy to tell your partner what sets the mood for you. Light some scented candles, play your favorite seductive playlist, and let the ambiance ease you into the moment. Taking your time with each other not only builds anticipation but also enhances intimacy. And remember, foreplay isn't just a precursor; it's an essential part of the sexual experience that heightens sensations, leading to more fulfilling encounters. Explore each other's bodies with curiosity and attentiveness – it can make all the difference.


Find a Partner You're Comfortable with

Find a Partner You're Comfortable with If you're not with the right person, then you're never going to have fun in bed. Maybe the positions and the amount of foreplay aren't the problem. Maybe your partner is the problem. If that's the case, you should leave him and search for someone who makes you feel more comfortable and confident in your body.


Use Lube

Use Lube Lubrication makes everything wet and slippery--and that's a good thing! If you're too dry down below the belt, then you're going to experience pain. That's why you should buy lube to help you out. There are even condoms that come with some lube on them. Think about purchasing them, so you can stay safe and have fun at the same time!


Find a Comfortable Location

Find a Comfortable Location You don't want to have sex in the backseat of a car or in the basement while your parents are walking around upstairs. You'll feel more comfortable if you're in a cozy bedroom with a closed door, so you don't have to worry about anyone barging in. Location matters.


Having a comfortable location for sex is crucial for a positive and enjoyable experience. It's important to find a place where you feel safe and relaxed, without the fear of being interrupted. This could be your own bedroom, a hotel room, or even a secluded outdoor spot. It's also important to consider the temperature and lighting of the location, as well as having a comfortable surface to lie on. Creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere can also greatly enhance the experience. Overall, finding a comfortable location is key to having a comfortable and satisfying sexual encounter.


Try Different Positions

Try Different Positions Certain positions are going to feel better than others. If you're not happy in one spot, then move your body around to find a new angle. Remember that there are millions of different ways you can align yourselves. You should be able to find a position that makes the both of you happy.


Only Say "yes" when You Actually Want It

Only Say "yes" when You Actually Want It You won't always be in the mood for sex. If you don't want it, it's okay to say "no." Your boyfriend shouldn't get angry over it. If he does, then you deserve someone new. After all, you'll enjoy sex a whole lot more if you only do it when you're in the mood, instead of just going with the flow whenever your boyfriend tries to initiate it.


Communicate with Your Partner

Communicate with Your Partner Talk to your boyfriend. Tell him when you're in pain, so that he can stop what he's doing. You should also tell him when you're experiencing pleasure, so that he'll know what moves you prefer. If you two keep the lines of communication open, then you should see a huge improvement in your sex life.


Try Yoga

black and white, person, muscle, mouth, monochrome photography, There's lots of yoga poses out there and exercise stretches to help loosen the hips and pelvis up, which will help eliminate or at least reduce, the amount of pain you may be experiencing during intercourse.


Make an Effort

2015 MTV Europe Music Awards, black, black and white, person, monochrome photography, Sometimes we get stuck in a sex rut when we're in a relationship too long. It happens. Best way to overcome this, is getting between the sheets and remembering why you loved sex so much together before. A lot of times we get distracted and sex falls to the wayside-don't let that happen-and if it does, it's easily corrected.


Shut off Your Brain

human action, person, photograph, kiss, black and white, Sometimes we don't feel the desire for sex because of outside sources, and sometimes this lasts way longer than we know it should. Distraction from stress and life should not be an excuse for not having sex. If you find you've lost your drive for an extended amount of time, try working through your problems and seeing which you can eliminate (or at least shut out for awhile to do the deed). If all that fails, maybe it's time to seek professional help.

Sex should be fun for the both of you. If you're not enjoying it, then you need to find a way to fix the situation. What other things can a woman do to feel more comfortable during sex?

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Lots of foreplay is soooooo important!

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