17 Tips to Feel More Confident when You're Having Sex ...


17 Tips to Feel More Confident when You're Having Sex ...
17 Tips to Feel More Confident when You're Having Sex ...

You're a beautiful, sexy woman. That's why your boyfriend loves having sex with you! Don't ruin the moment by letting your self-consciousness take control. Here are a few tips that'll make you feel more confident during sex:

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Wear Lingerie

Wear Lingerie This will kill two birds with one stone. It'll boost your confidence while turning your man on.


Choosing the right lingerie can be a transformative experience, as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing your body's silhouette and highlighting your favorite features. Whether you prefer lacey ensembles or sleek, minimalist pieces, find something that feels like a second skin and resonates with your personal style. The secret lies in wearing something that makes you feel utterly irresistible. When you slip into lingerie that you adore, that self-assured energy emanates from you, creating an intoxicating atmosphere of allure and confidence in the bedroom.


Turn the Lights off

Turn the Lights off You won't feel as self-conscious about your body if you're in the dark. It'll hide your "flaws."



Role-play This is the only time when it's okay for you to pretend to be someone else. If you dress up as a cop or a french maid, you'll feel more confident, because you're playing a fun role.


Slipping into character can liberate you from your usual hang-ups and unleash a bolder side in the bedroom. Think of it like stepping onto a stage — you're not just you, but a daring, seductive version who's not afraid to ask for what you want. It's all about the fantasy, feeling the part, and getting swept up in the excitement. Even a simple accessory, like a pair of high heels or a sultry mask, can amplify the role-play experience, making every touch and whisper feel thrillingly new.


Listen to Confidence Boosting Music

Listen to Confidence Boosting Music You can listen to music to pump you up before you have sex, or you can keep the music on while you're having sex. It'll set the mood and keep you confident.


Create a personal playlist of songs that make you feel powerful and sexy. Your confidence can significantly increase when you hear tracks that resonate with your inner strength and sensuality. Opt for rhythms that make your heart pound and lyrics that reinforce your desirability. Whether it's the pulsating beat of a pop anthem or the sultry tones of an R&B ballad, let the music envelop you, drowning out any insecurities and amplifying your self-assurance. Remember, the right soundtrack can be your secret weapon in transforming the bedroom into a space of empowerment and pleasure.


Wear a Sexy Scent

Wear a Sexy Scent Don't underestimate the power of a scent. Wear your favorite fragrance and it could change your entire attitude.


Take Control

Take Control Men like when women take control. That's why you should climb on top of him and dominate him. When you see how excited he gets, your confidence will skyrocket.


Think Positive Thoughts

Think Positive Thoughts Sex isn't the time to think about all of your flaws. It's the time to focus on all of your strengths, and you have plenty of them!


Make the Room Look Nice

Make the Room Look Nice You'll feel better if you're in a positive environment. That's why you should declutter your room before you invite any boys over.


Keep on Some Clothing

Keep on Some Clothing If you're super self-conscious about your tummy, you can always keep your shirt on during sex. There's no rule that says you need to take all of your clothing off.


Make Your Hair Look Nice

Make Your Hair Look Nice A bad hair day can ruin your night, but a good hair day can make you feel better than ever! That's why you should do your hair and makeup as nicely as you can when you're expecting to have sex.


Get into a Position You like

Get into a Position You like You'll feel more comfortable in certain positions. Once you figure out which ones you like the best, use them more often. Your man won't mind.


Finding the right position can be a game-changer for your confidence levels in the bedroom. The key is to explore different angles and movements to discover what feels good for you. Communication with your partner is important here—feel free to express your preferences and encourage feedback. Remember, when you're feeling good, it radiates a confidence that's undeniably attractive. Plus, your satisfaction will likely energize and excite your partner, making the experience more intensely enjoyable for both of you.


Exercise Beforehand

Exercise Beforehand Working out will make you feel amazing. That's why you should do it before you see your partner. Just don't forget to shower right after.


Shave before Having Sex

hair, person, blond, hairstyle, long hair, You don't have to shave off every hair on your body. Of course, the smoother your skin is, the sexier you'll feel.


Ask What He Likes about You

image, photography, muscle, arm, hand, There are millions of things your boyfriend loves about you. Ask him what they are and you'll feel more confident than ever before!


Discovering what your partner cherishes about you can be incredibly empowering. Whether it's the way you laugh, the gentle touch of your hands, or the fierce passion you bring into the bedroom, hearing him articulate these adorations can boost your self-esteem sky-high. It's like unlocking a treasure trove of your most lovable qualities. Remember, you're his muse and his words can be the affirmation that transforms your self-doubt into unshakable self-assurance. So, go ahead, ask and revel in the things that make you irresistible in his eyes. This isn't just a boost for the moment—it's fuel for a lifetime of confidence.


Watch Porn to Study Techniques

Watch Porn to Study Techniques Pornography isn't 100% realistic. Of course, you could still watch a video or two in order to feel like you're more educated on the subject.


Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others It doesn't matter what his ex looked like or what the porn stars he watches look like. He's not comparing you to anyone else, so you shouldn't be, either.


Your value and appeal are uniquely yours—embrace it wholeheartedly! Constant comparisons can create a cycle of self-doubt and insecurity, but remember that intimacy is about connection and vulnerability, not competition. Let go of the idea of perfection, and instead, focus on the present moment with your partner, savoring the unique chemistry you share. Every person's body tells a story of who they are, and your story is just as compelling and desirable as anyone else's.


Don’t Overthink Things

Don’t Overthink Things Sex is supposed to be fun. Don't overthink things. Just enjoy the moment and do whatever makes you happy.

What other advice do you have for women who would like to feel more confident during sex?

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How about don't think about it. Workout? Get out of here... Role play? C'mon! Lingerie? Whatever. Who wrote this? Nudity is more of a turn on. Sex is the workout. Your speaking of role playing in the same article that you suggest turning off the lights?!

Look at him looking at you. Don't look at yourself. He has a completely different view.

before clicking on this I had gut feelings it is from Holly ❕

This covers a lot! Very helpful. 😋

Omg seriously! Here's the thing, he's just as nervous if not more nervous than you. Can he get an erection? How long will he last? To quick? To small? Body? He has insecurities also. Why it falls on women to deal with their sexuality is beyond me.

Very helpful thank u


Very helpful

Media. That's right. Love your body! He obviously does or he wouldn't be there with you! Your a woman. Enjoy your femininity. Enjoy what God gave you and not him. Don't be ashamed. It's natural... he's craving YOU!

Nice tips

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