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There is nothing more devastating to a relationship then cheating, and if it's happened to you, you're probably wondering how to move forward after infidelity. As if finding out your loved one cheated wasn’t horrible enough, next comes the really rough part. Do you stay or do you go? If there has been more than one cheating incident, my recommendation is to get out. This is not just a mistake. Sometimes cheating is a way of life and he intended to do it from the start and probably doesn’t intend to stop. Now if this is cheating incident #1 and he is otherwise a fantastic guy and is apologetic, then I’ve got some tips on how to move forward after infidelity.

1. Don’t Be Paranoid

It is hard not to be paranoid after being cheated on. After all, you probably feel like if you were paranoid in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. Being paranoid and crazy is just not good for a healthy relationship and it isn’t going to do you any good now. This means no hunting for evidence of infidelity. Not in his home, not in his vehicle, not on his body. You are not slick. He knows what you are doing and I assure you if he sees it he will be annoyed. This means leave his phone alone! Yes ladies, I said it leave his phone alone! It is not yours and our phones nowadays contain our whole lives, you wouldn’t want someone reading your journal now, would you?

Besides you don’t need to see the phone to know if he has something to hide, if it rings and he snatches it so fast you're left with whiplash, If he won’t check his messages when he is around you, if he tilts the phone ever so slightly away from you when looking at it, something is wrong there. Which leads me to my last point. While being paranoid is bad, being aware is not. Stay aware ladies! That's the best answer for how to move forward after infidelity.

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