17 Questions to Help You Figure out Where to Go on a Date ...

By Holly

17 Questions  to Help You Figure out  Where to Go  on a Date  ...

Don't you hate when you actually have time to spend with your boyfriend, but neither of you can figure out where to go? Well, you won't have to worry about that again. The next time you're struggling to think of a date idea, ask yourself these questions to try to narrow it down:

1 What’s the Weather like?

If it's nice out, think about going mini golfing or bike riding. If it's raining, go to the movies or stay in to place some board games.

2 What Season is It?

If it's summer, take a walk down the beach or go on a boat ride together. If it's winter, go ice skating or build a snowman together.

3 Are You Hungry?

If you're in the mood to eat, you should head to a restaurant. Or at least head to the mall and get some grub at the food court.

4 How Much Money do You Have?

If you have plenty of cash to spend, buy concert tickets or see a show on Broadway. If you're broke, look up free events in your neighborhood.

5 What Hobbies do You Two Have?

If you're both singers, find a Karaoke bar. If you like to dance, take a class together.

6 How Many Hours Are You Hanging out for?

If you have the whole weekend together, you could go on a road trip and rent a hotel. If you only have a few hours together, watch a movie in your house.

7 What Time of Day is It?

If it's early in the day, see a cheap matinee at the movie theater. If it's late at night, go clubbing.

8 Is It the Last Minute?

If you have weeks to plan, get reservations for a fancy restaurant. If you're going out at the last minute, try going somewhere casual, like an arcade.

9 Are You Being Chaperoned?

If you're still young enough to have your parents tag along with you, don't do anything too romantic. A dinner will work just fine.

10 Do You Have the House to Yourself?

If you do, then you can make dinner together. Make sure to set the table with candles and flowers!

11 Can You Drive?

If you can, you can take a trip to another town and just look at the sights. Otherwise, you can go for a walk around your own town together.

12 Are You Old Enough to Drink?

If you are, then go to a bar or a wine tasting. If you're too young to drink, then try making smoothies or milkshakes in your own home.

13 Are You Sexually Active?

If you are, you can spend the day inside, making love. There's no better date idea than that!

14 Are You Active?

If you are, then you can go for a run together or go to the gym together. You could even sign up for a couple's yoga class!

15 Do You Own Netflix?

If you do, then you might as well use your account. If you end up making out instead, so be it.

16 What’s Close by in Your Town?

Think about the unique things your town has to offer. There must be something fun to do around your house.

17 Does He Have Any Suggestions?

You don't have to come up with all of the date ideas, you know. Ask your partner if he has any suggestions!

If you ask yourself these questions, you'll be able to narrow down your date ideas. Where is your favorite place to go on a date?

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