17 Things to do when He Just Won't Text You Back ...


17 Things to do when He Just Won't Text You Back ...
17 Things to do when He Just Won't Text You Back ...

It happens to all of us. You're really into someone. You think s/he's into you, too. Suddenly, however, there's radio silence. S/he's not texting you back. You haven't heard from your new crush in so long, you're sure it's over. You start stressing. You start worrying. You start obsessing. You probably start wondering what you did wrong. Stop. Stop all of that nonsense. Although it hurts when someone you like just won't text you back, it's not the end of the world and it doesn't have to drive you crazy, not if you don't let it. After all, there are so many other things you can do!

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Stop Worrying about What You Did

Stop Worrying about What You Did Unless you did something really awful, like poo in his car or sneeze while she was trying to kiss you, it's honestly probably not you.


Send a Lighthearted Text – Just One

Send a Lighthearted Text – Just One Ask what's up, see what s/he's up to – keep it casual, keep it light, and do not keep doing it.


Really, Don't Blow up Her/his Phone

Really, Don't Blow up Her/his Phone Believe me. I completely understand the urge to keep firing off message after message when someone won't answer you. However, you need to avoid this urge at all costs. You'll be so angry at yourself later, plus it gives the other person so much power. Not to mention, you don't know why s/he's not texting you back. If something came up and your crush comes back to dozens of missives from you, it's not a good look.


Text Your Friends Instead

screenshot, sense, Your friends can talk you down from the ledge. They'll let you vent, keep you distracted, and help you figure out your feelings.


Try to Reach out in Person

Try to Reach out in Person Do you two see each other in person a lot? Well, it's okay if you want to “stop by” her favorite comic book shop or his favorite cafe. Face-to-face interactions can reveal quite a lot.


Vent Wisely

Vent Wisely What I mean is that you might want to avoid spilling your feelings to mutual friends or acquaintances. You don't want it getting back to your crush that you got upset when s/he didn't text back.


Nix the Vaguebooking

Nix the Vaguebooking Don't post any vague, subtle statuses on Facebook, slyly calling out the culprit who refuses to text you. That's messy, immature, and pointless. Your crush isn't going to magically text you back after you make a passive-aggressive post.


Avoid the Sub-tweeting, Too

Avoid the Sub-tweeting, Too Honestly, just avoid getting angsty on social media at all. Don't name names, don't leave hints. It really does make things messy, plus you don't want to be that girl.


Stop Analyzing All Your Interactions

Stop Analyzing All Your Interactions This goes right back to blaming yourself, and it is so unnecessary. Replaying everything you've done and said will drive you crazy.


Don't Fake Text

Don't Fake Text That is, don't “accidentally” send a text to your crush that you “meant for someone else.” That's transparent and silly, and the other person will see right through it.


Give Your Crush Space

Give Your Crush Space If s/he doesn't want to text you, so be it. Give him/her some space. Use this time to focus on yourself.


Find Ways to Distract Yourself

Find Ways to Distract Yourself Go on a trip, learn a new hobby, hit up a concert, clean your room – there are ample ways to distract yourself. Doing so will keep you from checking your phone every five seconds.


Surround Yourself with People Who Love You

Surround Yourself with People Who Love You Hang out with your friends. Go see your family. Has the cutie at the library been flirting with you? Think about pursuing it now.


Talk to a Mutual Acquaintance You Really Trust

Talk to a Mutual Acquaintance You Really Trust Well, first of all, do you have a mutual acquaintance you really trust, someone who knows both of you? Then you may want to privately ask that person what's going on. Make it clear that you don't want things to be uncomfortable and you understand if they can't say anything, but maybe you'll catch a hint.


Set a Time Limit

Set a Time Limit You don't need to be left in limbo forever. If you haven't heard back from your crush in three days, a week, ten days – whatever feels right for you – then it might be time to …


Cut Your Losses

Cut Your Losses At a certain point, you have to realize that this person is not worth your time. You don't need to spend your life waiting on someone else. You're worth more than that. If this person doesn't think so, then guess what? S/he isn't good enough for you.


Move on

Move on There's something better for you out there. It's time to move on, even if you move on to simply not worrying about it.

Are you waiting for somebody to text you? Forget that. You're too awesome to sit around waiting for anyone.

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Im doing this now...! He's not worth my time, i realize.

Omg this is good and a real reminder

Anybody here?

Omg my life story! About two weeks ago i asked my crush number and we were having a nice convo, and suddenly he didnt rpl at all anymore. I graduated from that skool so i wuldnt c him anymore. Thats why i asked da number and he gave v positive signs so

Trust me . . This was on time

Lol if you really trusted them then they wouldn't be an acquaintance, they'd be a friend xD

What does it mean when he the guy I'm really into send enough text messages you can feel them on one hand but his ex who he's friends with now speaks with her about who knows what I think every man and every woman deserves privacy therefore I'm not one of those types that ass for invasion of privacy but he speaks to her all day everyday 24/7 and answers were instantaneously but when I text it takes them forever until he decides he's in the mood to send me an answer yet he claims he likes me what does this mean

@AbbyB2016 Omg u speak to me, hi 🙄👋🏾

@Len that's good you realized that now girl

I find it so hard to let go. I still have his number nd go to his insta and think abt it all da time still when i kno that he moved on with life like nothing happened and is out partying. And im often still thinking about it and didnt move on yet

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