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Fab Tips to Making Your Man Feel Included if You're an Independent Woman ...

By Holly

It's healthy for you to be your own person. You should have a separate life from your boyfriend. However, you shouldn't use your independence as an excuse for neglecting him. You still need to make him feel like he matters. If he's been upset about how well you've been doing without him, here are a few ways that independent women can make their man feel more included in their life:

1 Ask Him out with Your Friends

Ask Him out with Your Friends Instead of leaving him at home while you go out with your friends, invite him to tag along. If he's as much fun as you claim he is, then your gal pals won't mind adding him to the group. You could even ask him if it's okay for you to go out with him and his guy friends. That way, you'll end up spending more time together.

2 Tell Him about Your Day in Detail

Tell Him about Your Day in Detail We're told that men hate to hear us yammering on and on, but they secretly like all of the information we give them. When he asks you about your day, don't give him a short version of it. Saying it was the "same old, same old" might make him feel left out. Instead, pick a few moments to tell him about in detail, so he feels like he knows what's going on in your life.

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3 Set Aside More Time for Him

Set Aside More Time for Him If you've only been spending a few hours with him each week, it's time for that to change. It doesn't matter how jam packed your schedule is. There's always a way for you to make room for the people who are most important to you.

4 Tell Him You’ve Been Bragging about Him

Tell Him You’ve Been Bragging about Him Your boyfriend probably doesn't realize how crazy you are about him, because he's never around when you brag to your friends and coworkers about him. That's why you should mention how jealous your friends looked when you told them about the new jewelry he bought you or the romantic date he took you out on. That way, he'll know that you've been bragging about him.

5 Post about Him on Social Media

Post about Him on Social Media You don't have to become the girl who posts ten selfies with her boyfriend each day. You can wait until special occasions, like your anniversary or his birthday, to tell the world about how lucky you are. When he sees that you've posted something about him for everyone to see, he'll realize that you're genuinely happy he's in your life.

6 Introduce Him to Your Parents

Introduce Him to Your Parents If he hasn't met your parents or any of your friends yet, then you need to introduce them. After he's met the people you love the most, he'll feel like a bigger part of your life. Besides, if you're going to spend forever with him, he'll have to meet them eventually anyway.

7 Explain inside Jokes

Explain inside Jokes Inside jokes are hard to explain. Most of the time, they aren't funny to outsiders. However, if you're always joking around about something specific with friends, and your man doesn't get the joke, he'll feel left out. That's why you should give him a quick explanation about how it originated.

If you follow these tiny pieces of advice, your man will feel like a bigger part of your life. Have you ever felt like you weren't included in your boyfriend's life?

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