How to πŸ€” Recognize πŸ” a Fuck Boy πŸ–• ...


Anybody in the mood for a brief definition of a fuck boy? Allow me to provide one. A fuck boy is the kind of guy who puts across the hyper-trendy, overly masculine persona and is only interested in getting girls into bed. I think it’s safe to assume that we have all come across our fair share of fuck boys in the past, but sometimes the signs don’t present themselves until it is too late! To prevent you from making bad decisions in the future, here are some classic signs for how to recognise a fuck boy!

1. Slid into Your DM’s

He made contact with you by sliding in to your DM’s. In addition to that, he can’t seem to be able to spell any words properly, but this is by design. Fuck boys love to abbreviate everything and speak in as much early 2000s text talk as possible!

Late Night Chatting