Genius Ways to Recognize if He's a Player ...


It's never any fun to discover that your crush is actually a player. However, it's better to know early on, so that he doesn't end up breaking your heart. Of course, that begs the question: How do you spot a player?

Luckily, Cosmo has some tips for you. Watch this video down below to learn how to tell the difference between a player and a one-woman man.

You don't want to end up dating a player, because you'll end up getting your heart broken. That's why you should watch out for these red flags. Do you think that your crush is a player?

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Never date a guy who wants to make plans on Sunday's. He wants to keep his Fri and Sat nights open for a reason. 😋

This video sucks

I like players...banjo players!!! (sorry that was dumb haha)

Aren't the majority players? I believe in actions not texts nor words.

Christy,great advice....and mine is way 2 soft and sweet 4 that stuff,lucky me!

Christy, where you with this advice before? I needed you three years ago! Glad I have seen the rain and won't fall that type of idiocy again.

Yes... Yes... He most definitely is, will always be and I am dumping him!!! Once & for all!!!

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