Dont Overlook These Dangerous Red Flags during a Date ...

By Heather

Dont Overlook These Dangerous Red Flags during a Date ...

When you are dating, it's sometimes hard to see the red flags out there. It's sometimes hard to see what could be considered flaws. If you are on a date, make sure you have this guide pulled up so you can look for red flags!

1 His Phone is Ten Times More Interesting than You

If he is on his phone more than he is talking to you, walk away.

2 Mr. Braggy Pants

Let's say that he brags about his house, his wages, his job, everything! You don't want that right?

3 The Worker-bee

Or, let's say that all he talks about is working. Constantly. Remember, you're looking for a relationship.

4 He Constantly One-ups You

Jesus, my brother does this a lot and it gets on my nerves.

5 ...worse, He Orders for You on the First Date

Some girls like this, some girls don't but I think it's controlling.

6 Common Ground? You Have None

Which can be scary.

7 He's Obsessed with Himself

He is the topic of conversation always.

8 Ah, the Ex Has Come up at Least Four Times … in Five Minutes

Oh lord, shoot me now.

9 Already Talking about Babies?

Wait, what?

10 He's Asked You Your Opinion of Him Ten Times Already?

He's insecure. Very insecure. It's not something that is simple to get over either.

11 He Still Lives with His Parents and Has No Intentions of Moving out

He also has no job and gets an allowance … and he's in his mid-twenties. Run. Fast.

12 He's Slept with How Many People?

Player. Big-time player.

13 They Are Way, Way Too Serious

And they can't even make you laugh.

14 Sharing Way, Way Too Much Way, Way Too Fast

There is no door or window to them. It is just open and free space.

15 They Spill Every Secret about Everyone They Ever Knew

You've only known them for five minutes and you know about every secret they've ever been told.

16 They Are Wicked Negative

… and have no intention of perking up.

17 They Are Looking for a One Night Stand

And they say that.

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