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17 Symptoms You May Experience when You're in an Unhealthy Relationship ...

By Holly

When you're in an unhealthy relationship, it'll impact both your mind and body in a negative way. That's why you need to end things with your boyfriend as soon as you can. Otherwise, you're going to be miserable. To prove it, here are a few symptoms of an unhealthy relationship:

1 Moody

Moody If your man is always picking fights with you, it'll be hard for you to stay in a good mood. He'll bring you down with him.

2 Low Libido

Low Libido If you and your partner have been having problems, you probably won't be in the mood to jump into bed with him. You'd rather fall asleep than use the bed for any sexy activities.


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3 Oversleeping

Oversleeping If your boyfriend always ruins your days, you won't even want to wake up in the morning. You'll prefer to be asleep, because he's nicer in your dreams.

4 Insomnia

Insomnia Instead of oversleeping, you might not be getting enough sleep. Your relationship problems could be keeping you up all night.

5 Headache

Headache If your situation with your boyfriend is bothering you, you could develop a headache. It's from all of that worrying you've been doing.

6 Boredom

Boredom Long-term relationships can get a bit boring, but you shouldn't prefer to be alone than with your man. If you hate spending time with him, then why are you even with him?

7 Stress

Stress The unhealthier your relationship is, the more stress you're going to be dealing with.

8 Overeating

human action, eating, person, nose, mouth, Some people deal with their problems by overeating. Of course, that won't solve anything.

9 Insecurity

Insecurity Your boyfriend should make you feel beautiful. Of course, if you're in an unhealthy relationship, then he might make you feel even more insecure than you usually do.

10 Paranoia

Paranoia You shouldn't be in a constant state of fear, worrying if your boyfriend is cheating on you. If you are, then you should find someone new to date that you can actually trust.

11 Pessimism

Pessimism Your boyfriend should bring out the best in you. If you're always pessimistic, because you have no hope for your relationship, then why are you even in it?

12 Stomachache

Stomachache If thinking about your relationship makes your stomach hurt, and not because butterflies are flying around, then it's a bad sign. You don't want to date someone who makes you physically sick.

13 Tears

Tears Your boyfriend should wipe away your tears. He shouldn't be the one causing them to fall.

14 Cautious

Cautious You shouldn't have to watch everything you say and do. If you need to tiptoe around his feelings so he doesn't blow up, then you need to get out of that relationship ASAP.

15 Confused

Confused You love him, but he makes you miserable. That's why you're so confused about what to do, even though you know the right answer.

16 Nervous

Nervous You should be comfortable around your boyfriend. If you're nervous, even though you've been together for a while, then something is wrong.

17 Scared

Scared You shouldn't be scared to be around him. If you are, then he must be abusive, and that means he doesn't deserve to have you.

If these symptoms describe you, then you should end things with your boyfriend as soon as you can. There's no reason to stay with him if he's ruining your life. Have you ever been in an unhealthy relationship before?

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