17 Signs Hes in Love for Girls Too Shy to Ask ...

By Lyndsie

Being shy gets in the way of so much – and I say that as a shy girl whose bashful personality has left her on the fringes of many things. Shyness can stop you from so much, but it really interferes with your love life. Have you ever been faced with this conundrum? You totally dig someone and you think he digs you, too, but you're way too shy to come out and ask. Just the thought of asking him outright simply mortifies you! So what do you do? Wonder forever? Not at all – just keep reading! If you spot the crush of your dreams doing any of the following things, you'll know he's into you – and you won't have to ask a single question!

Table of contents:

  1. he wants to spend time with you every day
  2. he always tells you if he's running late
  3. he likes learning new things about you
  4. and he wants you to learn about him
  5. in fact, he shares a lot
  6. he texts you first
  7. he's cool with your pace
  8. he loves just hanging out
  9. he makes social situations easier
  10. he makes you laugh
  11. he tries to understand your moods
  12. he's happy to go out or stay in
  13. everything feels comfortable
  14. he's kind of protective of you
  15. he acts as nervous as you feel
  16. you include each other in future plans
  17. you just feel it

1 He Wants to Spend Time with You Every Day

When someone goes out of their way to spend their free time with you, it means something. Something pretty special, in fact.

2 He Always Tells You if He's Running Late

That's considerate. That's special, too.

3 He Likes Learning New Things about You

Someone who takes the time to get to know the real you is pretty great. If you know someone who's interested in learning all about you, take it as a sign.

4 And He Wants You to Learn about Him

Does he volunteer information – hopes, dreams, favorite books, the movies he loves? Ding, ding, ding!

5 In Fact, He Shares a Lot

It might seem rude for someone to talk about themselves a lot, but it can actually be a sign of interest. Even though it can come off as a little arrogant or egotistical, it's really just a way for a guy to prove he's “worthy,” so to speak.

6 He Texts You First

Or calls, or emails … you get the picture. Not only is this a good sign, but it's very encouraging when you're shy. It can even make you feel more comfortable about initiating conversations.

7 He's Cool with Your Pace

Whatever you're comfortable with, he's comfortable with – and if you're uncomfortable with something, he respects that

8 He Loves Just Hanging out

Your Friday night plans frequently consist of binge watching and snacking.

9 He Makes Social Situations Easier

He puts you at ease when you're out at any social event, so you actually enjoy them.

10 He Makes You Laugh

Always a great sign. Bonus points if you share a similar sense of humor!

11 He Tries to Understand Your Moods

That's the mark of a keeper. Anyone who does that truly cares about you.

12 He's Happy to Go out or Stay in

Because you know you'll have a great time together no matter what you do.

13 Everything Feels Comfortable

Everything just comes easily. That's a big thing for shy people. We like feeling comfortable.

14 He's Kind of Protective of You

Especially when you're in situations that make you feel bashful or awkward.

15 He Acts as Nervous as You Feel

Oddly, this can sometimes make you feel better – knowing someone is as tangled up and twisted as you are, you know?

16 You Include Each Other in Future Plans

And it just comes naturally.

17 You Just Feel It

Sometimes, nobody needs to say a word.

Shy stalkers, do you recognize any of these signs? Is there someone special who maybe feels the same way you do?

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