17 Signs πŸ’Ÿ He's in Love πŸ’˜ for Girls Too Shy ☺️ to Ask ❓ ...

Being shy gets in the way of so much – and I say that as a shy girl whose bashful personality has left her on the fringes of many things. Shyness can stop you from so much, but it really interferes with your love life. Have you ever been faced with this conundrum? You totally dig someone and you think he digs you, too, but you're way too shy to come out and ask. Just the thought of asking him outright simply mortifies you! So what do you do? Wonder forever? Not at all – just keep reading! If you spot the crush of your dreams doing any of the following things, you'll know he's into you – and you won't have to ask a single question!

1. He Wants to Spend Time with You Every Day

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When someone goes out of their way to spend their free time with you, it means something. Something pretty special, in fact.

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