8 Warning Signs He's Not 'the One' for Girls Who Need to Let Go ...


8 Warning Signs He's Not 'the One' for Girls Who Need to Let Go ...
8 Warning Signs He's Not 'the One' for Girls Who Need to Let Go ...

There are some people we're just not meant to be with, and if you look closely you will see red flags appearing in your relationship to alert you that this may be the case.

Keep reading for a few more reasons why he may not be 'the one' for you and remember that there's someone out there for everyone!

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He Makes You Cry

human action, person, blond, mouth, organ, It's not a good sign when he can easily make you cry or upset. Sure, you always try to stand your guard but sometimes the pain and hurt gets to us and it's hard to shake once we feel it, especially in a long term relationship when this becomes a common occurrence.

Anyone who makes you spend your nights crying yourself to sleep is definitely not good enough for you and it's time to find someone who will only make you cry with tears of joy and laughter! Don't settle for less than you deserve.


Emotional distress should be a rare occurrence, not a routine in a loving relationship. If you find yourself regularly justifying his actions and wiping away tears, it's a red flag. Remember, a partner worthy of your love will handle your heart with care, not carelessness, and will aim to uplift you, not bring you down. It's crucial to honor your well-being and seek a connection that brings peace and happiness to your life — anything less is a disservice to your emotional health.


He Won't Make Time for You

games, DON'T, HAVE, TIME, FOR, If he's full of excuses as to why he can't see you today (or ever) it's because he doesn't see you as a priority. You know you should be at the very top of his list...but he begs to differ.

If he's supposed to be your boyfriend and you haven't seen him for a reasonably long time (even a couple of weeks is still too long and not ideal) it's definitely something you need to confront him about.

If he shuts down the conversation and makes communication very difficult, it's time to find someone else who wants to see you each and every day that passes!


When a partner consistently prioritizes everything but you, it's a glaring red flag. Relationships demand effort and a mutual desire to spend time together. This neglect often reflects a deeper lack of commitment. It's pivotal to have someone in your life who enthusiastically makes plans with you and follows through. Holding out hope for a change that never comes will only lead to heartache. Remember, actions speak louder than words, and if his actions are screaming indifference, it's a sign to move on and cherish yourself.


He Lies and Deceives You

entertainment, performing arts, muscle, dance, choreography, If you choose to confront them about it, he may say something like "I lied to protect you" but deep down you know that if he lied and didn't tell you, you can never really trust him again in the future.

Chances are that's just an excuse in a desperate attempt to cover or justify the lie he told. It doesn't sound very credible to hear "I deceived you to protect you" since the first and last half of that sentence don't go together at all.

If this has happened to you, it's time to wake up and realise that if he's capable of lying and/or deceiving you this easily, who knows what else he's capable of doing?

Do you want to wait around to find out or kick him to the kerb before finding someone else who treats us ladies only with respect and honesty?


He Makes You Feel Insecure

black, black and white, image, darkness, monochrome photography, Sometimes they have a way of doing this. They can bring out our insecurities and even make us feel bad about ourselves. It's important to know that you shouldn't change anything about yourself for anyone and that it's up to them to accept us for who we truly are.

If your boyfriend makes you feel insecure, chances are it's because he doesn't accept you for who you truly are or could but is choosing not to. He might make small, offhanded comments about your appearance or your amazing personality traits which are full of negativity intended to make you feel bad and insecure.

You don't need to be around someone like this! Get rid of him and find someone who gives you nothing but positivity and compliments every day of the calendar year!


Communication is Extremely Hard

image, darkness, conversation, screenshot, Sometimes guys don't want to communicate and I think that's also true for women. You may be going through a rough patch in your life and prefer to keep to yourself for while and so might he.

But it's a different matter altogether when he won't talk or open up to you at all. This may be because he doesn't trust you or see you as a 'safe' place (which he should since relationships are always a two way street).

If you can't get through to him about something as simple as how his day was or as important as if he wants to move in, it's time to re-assess the situation and realise that this shouldn't be happening.


It's essential for partners to feel comfortable sharing thoughts and feelings with each other. Communication forms the bedrock of any strong relationship. If he's consistently putting up walls and leaving you out in the cold, that's a stark red flag. We all have moments of silence, but perpetual quiet from your partner isn't just a passing phase—it's a signal that he's not fully investing in the relationship. Dialogues build connection and understanding; without them, you're left with guesses and assumptions. Healthy relationships require openness; if it's missing, you may be holding onto a love that cannot flourish.


You Can't Agree on Anything

black, lady, fashion, model, singing, Relationships are extremely difficult for both parties when there is hardly ever a mutual agreement. You can't agree on anything from what you should have for dinner that night to how much time you should spend together generally.

Your days are spent bickering and arguing over unimportant and insignificant matters (half the time) while also not being able to agree on important decisions (the rest of the time)!

This is mentally and physically exhausting for you and will lead you to feel unhappy and dissatisfied with the relationship overall.

This is when it's time to pack up and leave, say your goodbyes and find someone who is open to discussion and communication.


You're at Different Stages and Want Different Things in Life

black and white, black, monochrome photography, monochrome, film noir, You're ready for a serious relationship and commitment, he only wants a casual relationship with no strings attached.

You try to change his mind but he insists he doesn't want an 'attachment' in his life, doesn't want anyone to answer to and prefers to be alone majority of the time.

You're in love with him and are ready to take things to the next level while he's ready to shut things down and draw lines to keep things between you casual.

This is never going to work, it's not an ideal situation at all and don't fool yourself into thinking you can be with someone who wants such different things!


You Have Polar opposite Personalities

black and white, image, photography, monochrome photography, darkness, Some differences are good since they give the relationship variety and keep things interesting...but too different is another story. This means not being able to relate to each other sometimes even on the most basic level.

This leads you to often misinterpret each other's words and actions as well as not being able to understand the other person and who they truly are.

Too many differences is a hard thing to ignore in a relationship since it's one of the things that are always present and always make themselves known. You should find someone who you have at least some common ground with for that vital initial spark and connection!

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You have to sometimes go through all these things 2 realize what u want and what u deserve. Either he will change for the better or u move on and don't give up on love ☺

I always felt and still feel that when love exists nothing else matter...i mean people in love wants their S.O. to be happy so eventually they adjust and fix themselves up for the other person... please don't tell me this doesn't happen..i don't know... please somebody tell me is your lover not supposed to love you like your Family does ..i know there is no comparison but still !!?? Sometimes I feel why did I ever fall in love..it sure is not an easy ride but there are beautiful moments when you feel so high ... is Love a sham ??? 😓

What if it's your husband

I love my bf but I lately found out he's cheated on me like over five times with multiple girls by sending stuff and did stuff in a bathroom once. I wanna be with him cuz I can't imagine being without him and I believe he can change. But also I know I cant

You must decide "your worth" and never settle for anything less. Never compromise your beliefs, your safety, or your goals for anyone. You deserve the best person for you and accept nothing less. You are worth it to many other people.

Cuz he's cheated so many times and didn't even say sorry

There is always someone for someone so true

Like it's possible for him to change right...:(((

My BF isn't like any of this I guess I'm fortunate he's a wonderful man

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