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10 Signs a Relationship Isn't in Your Cards at Least for Now ...

By Lucy

Relationships are not always easy if we're not at the right place in our lives for them to happen. If this is you, the best thing you can do is recognise your situation and find a way to make it work for you before you decide to bring someone else into your life.

1 Emotional Unavailability

I'm, not, good, this, stuff,, Emotional unavailability means you're not able to give yourself to someone on an emotionally level, which is needed in any relationship. It's not fair on you or the other person to engage in a relationship that requires you both to be emotionally available.

2 Emotional Detachment

person, interaction, emotionally, damaged, Emotional detachment is when you feel 'detached' from your emotions, such as having trouble feeling them or connecting with them. This detachment can also mean you don't act on your emotions and for this reason you may struggle connecting with other people on an emotional level.

3 No Desire for a Relationship

black, white, black and white, photograph, image, It seems simple that if you don't want a relationship, choose not to engage in one as your heart won't be in it from the beginning. Having no desire for this could lead to things like lack of motivation to keep it progressing, and you can expect it to crash and burn in no time due to this.

4 Struggle with Self-love

black, white, black and white, person, photography, It's true that we're not capable of loving someone else until we learn to love ourselves. That's because love actually starts from ourselves, even if we're feeling it towards someone else. Love is about appreciation, but how can you appreciate someone else when you don't appreciate yourself first?

5 Naturally Incredibly Independent

supermodel, abdomen, model, I'm, single, If you're naturally incredibly independent or self-reliant, that's great but it does mean it could be difficult for you to be in a relationship as these focus on being together and intimate. You may not always be so independent, but while you are, it's best to continue being single and going about life solo.

6 Fear of Intimacy

person, blond, driving, screenshot, share, It's true that relationships require intimacy and unfortunately there is no way around this for people who have a fear of it. Fear of intimacy means you struggle with being intimate with another person, and this could lead to problems if you decide to be in a relationship anyway.

7 Desire to Work on Yourself

Dapper, head, sense, very, fun, Sometimes it can be hard to work on yourself if you're in a relationship because you always have the other person to think about. But there's nothing wrong with taking the time to work on yourself, there's always room for improvement so a single lifestyle may be a better fit for you in this case.

8 You Live for Nights out

music, musical theatre, disco, audience, singing, If you're the type who would rather be out with your friends than home or out with a man, you're best bet is to stay single. Your desire to go out could cause conflict in your relationship-especially if you never want to be out with your guy.

9 You Enjoy Flirting

person, screenshot, sense, photo shoot, aaaaa, Sure, a little harmless flirting in a relationship is no big deal, as long as you're honest with each other about it. However, if you'd rather be out flirting with everyone you can instead of being with a steady guy, don't get into a relationship. This will only lead to a disaterous end and possibly a not so great reputation for yourself.

10 You like Things How They Are

sense, There, reason, rve, been, If you like doing you 24/7, and you like things in your house a certain way, and you are happy with how your life is going as a solo act, then stay single. Don't rock the boat and change things up cause it might lead to you being absolutely miserable. Enjoy your time alone right now and worry about a relationship later on. Just goes to show you don't really need a man to be happy.

Are you destined to be single? Are you content in your relationship status right now?

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