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How to Tell Your Crush You like Them ...

By Sici

Romance is a funny thing. All in the same thought process, it can make you feel more strongly than you ever have before, but make you feel more nervous than you have before as well! The more you like someone, the more anxious you are about letting them know. You don’t want to be too forward and scare them away, but at the same time, you don’t want to be so subtle that you go unnoticed! Here is how to tell your crush you like them.

1 Drop Hints

To avoid coming across as desperate or over aggressive, it’s all about dropping those subtle hints that can plant the seed in his mind that you like him. Don’t afraid of getting a little flirty in your text messages, or of making the effort to make more eye contact with him when you are out in social situations together.

2 Deadline

If you give yourself enough time to think about telling him you like him, you can end up waiting forever. Be strict and be confident and set a deadline for when you need to reveal your true feelings. As the time gets nearer, you will find that have the urge to get the ball rolling out of the pure human nature of not wanting to miss a deadline!


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3 Be Confident

It really is a case of faking it until you make it! Confidence is something that you can pretend to have just as authentically as actually having, so even if you are shaking and nervous inside, if you can force your body language and your speech to be confident when flirting with your crush, it will come across to him as though you are the coolest of the cool. Once those first anxious interactions have been made, the rest will start to come much more easily.

4 Comfortable Setting

You don’t need to heap extra pressure on yourself by choosing to tell him that you like him in an environment that makes you uncomfortable. It’s all about timing, so wait until you can get him alone in a place that you feel at home, and your manner and words will be much more natural and confident.

5 Ask a Friend

Hey, it might seem juvenile, but it can be super effective! If you have a bestie that you can trust with such sensitive matters, it never hurts to get her involved! She might be more confident than you in such matters, and can act as the perfect middle man in the situation!

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