How to Move from Being Single into a Relationship ...


How to Move from Being Single into a Relationship ...
How to Move from Being Single into a Relationship ...

When it comes to relationship advice online, you could throw a virtual dart and hit anywhere between ten and ten thousand articles about how to deal with the transition from taken to single after a breakup, but what about the reverse? What about if you have been single for a long time, become used to that way of life, and suddenly find yourself in a relationship that you can’t quite get your head around yet? The feelings of love are definitely there, but it’s taking a little while to adjust, right? Here is how to move from being single into a relationship.

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Take It Slow

Don’t completely change your lifestyle in the space of a day, it won’t be sustainable. Explain to your new partner that you need to get back into the swing of a relationship slowly, and if they love you, they will be patient in helping you adapt your behaviours and attitudes.


No Games

It’s very easy to play dating games when you are single and just messing around the fun of it, but when you have a long-term partner, these kinds of games only serve to grow distance or resentment in a relationship. There is no need for you to try cheeky mental warfare when you have already bagged your man!



Learning to compromise is probably one of the hardest transitions to make. You go from a life of being able to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, to basically having to run everything past another person. It will feel like a culture shock to start with, but if you respect your partner, you won’t mind doing it.


Don’t Lose Individuality

This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to lose all of your individuality and become some sort of girlfriend cut out. Being in a relationship means that you can still be your most authentic self, just with the inclusion of someone else being in on the fun of it all now!


Be Sociable

It can be easy to bask in the glory of early infatuation and passion, but something that can help to make the transition from single to taken easier is still making the time to see your friend regularly. They can act as a good in between for your old single life and your new partnered life. A constant in both.


Include Them

Remember that your new boyfriend isn’t just someone to share the sexual side of things with, he is someone to share everything with. Make the effort to broaden your personal bubble and include him in your passions and hobbies as much as he is interested.


Keep Promises

When you are single and only thinking for yourself, it doesn’t really matter if you decide to something and then the next day decide not to, but when there is somebody else now relying on your promises, you need to make a much better effort of keeping them.



It sounds silly but if you have been single for a long time, you may very well have forgotten how to communicate with someone in a loving and intimate fashion. Work on sharing your feelings with him and you will find that this kind of communication becomes much easier over time.

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