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Every relationship goes through difficult times, but that doesn't always mean that they're doomed to fall apart. Sometimes what you need is some time apart. This can provide you both with space to consider your feelings for each other and your future together. You may in the end decide that it's not working, but equally you may realise that you truly love each other and want to be together. Here are some signs that you need some time apart - it doesn't have to be the end …

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You're Getting Impatient

Do you find yourself getting impatient with each other? This could be because your partner is starting to irritate you. That my be no fault of theirs, but could be a sign that you need some time away from them. A break could give you valuable time on your own, and the space to reflect on what you want from the relationship.


The Relationship is Becoming Dull

Most relationships get a bit dull after a while. In the early heady stage every moment together is exciting; the realities of daily life are much more mundane! So it's easy to let the relationship become routine and stale. Time apart can refresh your relationship and reinforce how strongly you feel about each other.


You're Not Sure Why You're Together

Perhaps you have doubts as to whether you're with the right partner, and secretly wonder if there's someone better out there for you. You know you love your partner, but you're not sure why, or if ending the relationship would be the right thing to do. Taking a break can help you clarify your feelings, and remind you what it is you love about them.


Feeling uncertain about your partnership can signal a need to reassess without the pressure of constant interaction. A break offers the space to rediscover your individual passions, goals, and values. This time apart might just reignite the spark, as absence often makes the heart grow fonder. It allows you to reflect on your relationship with a clearer head, which can be difficult when you're always together. By taking a step back, you give yourself the opportunity to evaluate what each of you brings to the table and whether your partnership truly enriches your life.


You Feel Suffocated

So you've got a loving partner … a bit too loving. They want to spend every moment of every day with you. Feeling suffocated isn't good for a relationship, and can in fact push you in the opposite direction. But if you want to stay together, a break can actually force them to manage without you for a while, and show that you need your space.


You Feel You're Missing out

If you've got a sense of missing out on something that you really want to do, but being in a relationship gets in the way, a break may help you to fill that missing gap. Perhaps you want to move away to study for a while, but your partner resents being left behind. You can still maintain a long-distance relationship, while working towards a goal you really want to achieve.


You're Fighting All the Time

Constant fighting isn't a good sign, and wears you down. It feels as though all you ever do is argue, and you forget what attracted you to your partner. A break can really be beneficial in this situation, as it removes the opportunities to argue and gives you space to decide if you want to continue with the relationship.


It's Becoming One-Sided

Do you feel that you're the one making all the effort? Do you always make the arrangements for dates or vacations? Does your partner never ask about your life or how you're feeling? Take some space for both of you to reflect; they may realise that they're not putting enough effort into keeping you happy.

Do you think that a break is always final, or can it be a good thing?

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@taylor Townsend can I ask how things turned out for you, going through something similar at the moment and just found this Thread

I'm actually on a break with my boyfriend right now, and it sucks because I was the one suffocating him and nagging at him more often than not, and he blew up on me. I believe this break is good for us, but he hasn't talked to me at all in 3 days and I feel like he just doesn't care about me or my feelings because he isn't talking to me. I have hope that it will work out for us and that he realizes that he doesn't want to lose me.

My boyfriend has told me that he's too comfortable with me? What is this? We don't really talk or spend much time together, always seems to be me making a lot of the effort! HELP :/

A break is sometimes a good thing. Helps to give perspective in a situation. Taylor Townsend I'm in your boat. I'm on a break too and I hate it but it's made me realize some things. Just give him his space. My bf called me to tell me he loved and missed me and I'm the one but we're still on the break. I suffocated him and now I'm focusing more on myself. I've gone out a couple of times but these guys are not him.

@Taylor Townsend aww breaks are really tough. especially when you're so used to having that person with you all of the time. but this break can either make you guys or break you guys. wait for him to look for you and for him to miss you. trust me.

Compromise, compromise and compromise some more (applicable to both). Individuals who are looking for that perfect relationship are in for disappointment. I don't agree with breaks, if you need a 'break' (not talking about a day off to do your own thing etc) then you don't really want to be with each other. Having said that, Taylor Townsend I hope you prove me wrong ;) x

I'm thinking about a break as well with my boyfriend. I'm not sure what to do... I fell in love for the first time so this is upsetting but may end up being a positive experience..

Usually taking a break means he (or You) is trying to be delecate about just straight up breaking up. Im guilty of doing this....not even gonna lie.

Been to the brink and back. Phew! I think, ultimately it helps figure out what each wants and doesn't want.

This article really helps me in a lot of ways. Thanks!!

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