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How Your Valentine's Day Will Go According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

Whether you are single and dating around, or in a committed relationship, there is no doubting that Valentine’s Day is a holiday that always has a little extra pressure and interest attached to it! Depending on what your love life is like at the time, you never know how you are going to respond to the classic romantic day in February. That is, unless, you have consulted your horoscope! Here is the kind of Valentine’s Day you are going to have according to your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

You have a tendency to be quite selfish and self-centred, so whatever you do on Valentine’s Day, it is going to be something that you have completely planned and controlled anyway!

2 Taurus

Whatever happens to you on the big day, it better be expensive! You are materialistic and you don’t mind who knows about it!

3 Gemini

Even your nearest and dearest would describe you as being somewhat superficial, so your Valentine’s Day is going to be one filled with all of the clichéd and traditional flowers and chocolates.

4 Cancer

You are the easiest sign to treat on Valentine’s Day, because literally everything makes you happy! Whether it is a small celebration or a grand one, you will be equally satisfied.

5 Leo

Valentine’s night is no different to another night for a Leo; you want to party and you want to party hard!

6 Virgo

You are very discriminating and picky when it comes to receiving gifts, so you might find yourself disappointed on Valentine’s Day and maybe even being labelled as ungrateful!

7 Libra

Take your chances on Tinder this year. The stars are aligned for you to find a partner that isn’t already in your social circle. Make sure to do it before Valentine’s!

8 Scorpio

Sorry to tell you, but it looks like you might be spending this Valentine’s Day alone if you are single right now. It takes too long for Scorpios to commit to partners for you to have one by February!

9 Sagittarius

You love to try new things, so take Valentine’s Day as your opportunity to really do some adventurous things in the bedroom for the big occasion!

10 Capricorn

You don’t know what you actually want from this Valentine’s Day yet, but the way the stars are aligning, the one thing for certain is that whatever you eventually land your desire on, is what is going to happen!

11 Aquarius

For a classic Aquarius, Valentine’s Day isn’t something that you care much about. Whether you have a date for the holiday or not, it doesn’t bother you at all, you know you are fine regardless!

12 Pisces

Valentine’s is a time when you are most likely to give in to your bad urges. You might find yourself on the end of a booty call, and accepting it!

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