Your Chances of Meeting Someone Special in 2019 Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...


Your Chances of Meeting Someone Special in 2019 Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...
Your Chances of Meeting Someone Special in 2019 Based on Your Zodiac Sign ...

As a new year rolls around and brings with it all of the opportunities for fresh starts, something that single people always tend to think about during this time is whether they are going to be lucky in love over the next twelve months. Of course, love is unpredictable, and it can never be put in concrete what it going to happen one way or another, but in times like these, it can be helpful to turn to the stars for guidance! Here are your chances of meeting someone special in 2019 based on your zodiac sign.

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You might meet someone this year, but it won’t be because you were looking! Your main focus is going to be on your career in 2019.



2019 is set to be your luckiest year yet, so the chances of you finally meeting that special someone that you have been waiting for are extremely high!



It’s going to be a great for you romance-wise, but the twist is that your new boo will probably come from your pre-existing social circle, a friend that becomes something more over time!



Your chances of finding a relationship in 2019 are very high. You are going to be exposed to to lots of new opportunities that allow you too meet lots of new people, including that someone special!



You are the life and soul of the party, and the degree to which you put yourself out there every single weekend means that you are bound to catch the eye of someone special this year.



In typical Virgo fashion, you will find someone this year, but you will find love in the most unexpected of places and when you weren’t looking for it at all!



To honest, 2019 is going to be a year in which you focus much more on yourself than on anyone else. You probably won’t form any lasting romances this year, but that’s okay!



You are going to experience much more joy with your finances this year than with your love life. There will be a few people who come into your life, but none of them will have that something special.



Someone is going to pursue for a long time this year and it is just up to you whether you choose to return those feelings!



You’re not looking for romance right now, and this year is going to be a year where you strengthen your platonic relationships rather than start a romantic one.



You might not find ‘the one’ this year, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be having a lot of fun experiences! Be safe, be free, have fun!



Things might move very quickly for you thins year, dare I say it, but I can hear something like wedding bells on the horizon!

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