How Your Zodiac Sign Really Feels about Valentine's Day ...


How Your Zodiac Sign Really Feels about Valentine's Day ...
How Your Zodiac Sign Really Feels about Valentine's Day ...

When it comes to holidays, I don’t think there is one that generates such different feelings and opinions as Valentine’s Day! Whether you are single or taken, old or young, romantic or serious, Valentine’s Day can either be a great day or a day to forget, but do you sometimes find yourself pretending to feel a certain way about it when deep down inside you know you’re not being truthful? Here is how your zodiac sign really feels about Valentine’s Day!

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You can’t help that materialistic side of yourself coming through for these occasions, so your main concern for Valentine’s Day is usually what kind of gift you are going to receive, and whether you are going to like it!



You don’t mind celebrating or not celebrating to be honest, as long as whatever happens it stays nice and low key! You don’t want a big fuss.



You love to be surprised when it comes to dating and romance, so the more unknown your Valentine’s Day is the better! You are happy to just give the keys to your partner and let him drive!



You are a real traditionalist when it comes to this kind of stuff. Nothing makes you happier than a teddy bear, some chocolate, and a nice big bunch of red roses!



You like to take everything to level 100, so when it comes to Valentine’s Day, you have to take over to make sure that the plans meet your high standards!



You are super pragmatic when it comes to over commercialised holidays like this. You would much rather save up your money to spend on something worthwhile than have to buy a load of meaningless little love gifts.



For a Libra to be impressed, it is definitely a case of go big or go home! You want all the bells and whistles, and if you don’t get them, then your partner isn’t in for a very romantic night!



To be honest, you don’t see the point in big grand public gestures and trips out. You would rather just spend the day in bed with the person that you love!



You don’t care so much about the details of Valentine’s Day, so you should see it as a great opportunity to spend even more time with your BAE!



You aren’t in to Valentine’s Day, like, at all! You think it’s a stupid holiday made up by greetings cards and chocolate companies, and you are not going to play their games!



To be honest, you would rather celebrate Galentine’s Day instead! You love your friends more than you love any guy right now, and showing your affection for them is what matters most to you.



You are the kind of person who likes to give gifts more than receive them, so you spend lots of time picking out the perfect presents for your boo, but then feel awkward when it comes to open what he has got for you!

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