Your Dream Man According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


Your Dream Man According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
Your Dream Man According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

Even though we all like to say that we aren’t fussy, don’t have a type and like all kind of different guys, deep down inside we all know that we still hold on the idea of our ‘dream man’ turning up one day! The great thing about human attraction and sexuality is that you could have a completely different idea of perfection to your best friend and that's great because it makes sure that there is plenty of fish in the sea for everyone! This is your idea of your dream man according to your zodiac sign.

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Your dream man is the kind of man who doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to showing his affection for you. You hate it when guys try to play mind games.



Your dream man is one who isn’t afraid to admit it when he makes mistakes. You aren’t looking for unachievable perfection; you just want honest and willingness to open up to you about it.



Your dream man is the kind of guy that you can’t predict. You love the more spontaneous side of life, so he has to be willing to surprise you in all the best ways.



You tend to get very caught up in your feelings, so your dream man is one who can be understanding of this, and just be a really good listener who can guide you through your emotional outbursts!



Your dream man is a man who is already completely aware of who he is as a person. You don’t have time for someone who is still trying to find their place; you want a pillar of strength to be able to lean on.



Your dream guy is the kind of guy who doesn’t give up, even when times are tough. You aren’t the most confident person, so you need a man like that who can be in your corner and give you the boost that you need.


He will be an anchor of reliability, always there with a practical word of advice or a patient ear, ready to listen to your worries and help you find solutions. You value dedication and meticulousness, and your ideal partner respects that, matching your attention to detail. This unyielding man will celebrate your intelligence and encourage your analytical nature while gently pushing you outside your comfort zone to help build your self-esteem. With him, every challenge turns into an opportunity to grow together, creating a harmonious balance between your needs and his innate persistence.



The kind of man you dream about is a man who loves you just as much as you love him. You can be insecure when it comes to that, so having the assurance and security of mutual affection is what stabilises you.


As a Libra, balance is essential in every facet of your life, especially in your relationships. You yearn for a partner with a gentle demeanor and a strong sense of justice. Equity in love is your mantra; a man who intuitively understands the art of give-and-take will complement your harmonizing spirit. You want someone who can walk with you, hand-in-hand, through the meadows of life’s ups and downs. Communication is key—you desire a man who can discuss his feelings openly and work towards a fair resolution in any conflict.



You can’t help it, but you are quite superficial when it comes to a dream man! You want the stereotypical package; imagine a Magic Mike style man!



Your dream guy is strong and sexy, but he is still a child at heart! You are a sucker for that sense of fun and innocence, and it’s vital for you that a partner still possesses it.



Your dream man is a man who respects your strong independence. You don’t want a Prince Charming; you want an equal partner who you can share your life with at your own pace.



Your dream guy is the kind of guy who skips all the small talk and gets straight down to the meaningful stuff. You’re not interested in the insignificant niceties of early dating!


You long for someone who's intellectually stimulating, a true partner with whom you can explore the depths of your thoughts and ideals. Aquarians desire a connection that goes beyond surface-level, yearning for a companion who's both your fellow philosopher and co-conspirator in the many adventures life has to offer. For you, a dream relationship is one where conversations about the universe and social justice can last until dawn. It's that mix of passion and intellect that will truly capture your heart.



You are a hopeless romantic, and you absolutely need a man who is the same way. Your dream guy is pretty much any of the most iconic heartthrobs in Hollywood romances!

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