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7 Ways to Be a Good Girlfriend ...

By Jelena

So many Ways To Be a Good Girlfriend and yet, so many guys are constantly complaining about their better halves and their irrational behaviors… Are we the ones to blame or our man are getting a bit spoiled? Let’s see! Dating experts have given us many tips and mentioned many ways to be a good girlfriend and, surprise, surprise, the guys couldn’t agree more! So take a look at these 7 ways to be a good girlfriend and find out whether your man has any reason to be even a tiniest bit unhappy:

1 Stop Nagging

Most men agree their relationships would me much better if their women suppressed the need to nag once in a while. Okay, yes, they sure deserve it sometimes but, nagging for the sake of nagging won’t really get you anywhere. In fact, continuous nagging most certainly isn’t one of the ways to be a good girlfriend. Cruela Deville or Peggy Bundy, maybe, but a good girlfriend definitely no.

2 Trust Him

Nobody wants to date Sherlock Holmes and if you give it some thought, you will understand that there is no need to turn into a famous detective… at least not BEFORE a crime is committed. Going through his pockets, personal items, calling him just to check if he is really where he said he’d be – that sort of behavior certainly has “insecurity” and “doubt” written all over it and, guess what? Men don’t respond all too well to it. They are like those rubber colorful bouncy balls – if you throw it too hard, it’s going to bounce so fast and you probably won’t be able to catch it! Trust him, forget all your fool proof interrogation methods and you’ll see – he will start talking and you’ll get to know EVERYTHING he did during the day.

3 Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

Men know that our “No” could be a “Hell No”, “Maybe”, “Yes, but I’m playing hard to get” or pretty much anything in between and that’s driving them nuts. And don’t even get me started on that famous “Nothing” and all of its meanings! Men don’t really like to play these games - most of them will be perfectly willing to accept your original answer without further questions and you know that always causes an argument. The solution? Honesty! That’s definitely one of the ways to be a good girlfriend and, believe me, he will appreciate having a girl that CAN speak her mind. In fact, every time his friends start discussing this issue, he’ll just smile and say, “Sorry, pal, don’t know whatcha talking about”.

4 Give Him Some Space

You have your interests, your needs, your friends and so does he, plus you might even have completely different schedules which, logically, means your free time doesn’t necessarily have to be his free time as well. So, if he’s being fair and letting you have an undisturbed chat with your friends/yoga class/whatever, you should do the same. One of the great ways to be a good girlfriend is to find a perfect balance between sharing and getting to know each other much better and sticking your nose into the most private things he’s still not ready to share. Don’t be pushy, take it slow and let him open up in his own pace. It’s actually a much better and a much more interesting strategy for both of you because it makes things fun and gives you something to talk about every time you’re together so, as I see it, there is really no good reason to push things.

5 Don’t Try to Change Him

You can’t take a beast and turn it into a prince, I think we’ve already figured that out. I mean come on, he’s not a science project! In fact, let’s try to observe things from a different perspective - how would you feel if he wanted to change everything about you? Men do change when they finally meet the women they want to spend their life with (just like women change when they meet the right man) but they don’t become entirely different people – it’s just a process of growing up.

6 Be Romantic but Not Pathetic

Knowing how to show how much you care is great but knowing when it’s a good time to stop is even better! And, believe me, I totally agree with that! In fact, I hate it when couples start acting like Siamese twins! If your guy is not very comfortable with this (which is something I could totally understand), you’ll actually achieve more by not calling him every half an hour, being extra lovey-dovey in front of his friends or trying to show him how much you care for him every minute of every single day. Save your words and gestures for times when they will really matter because using them too often will make them lose their charm.

7 Compliment Him

We’re used to getting a lot of compliments and we’ll probably get mad if he forgets to tell us how beautiful we are or fails to notice a new dress. But what about our men? Don’t they deserve to know how highly we think of them? Well, those honest compliments or, let’s call them, rational observations are one of the ways to be a good girlfriend. Yes, I know you wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t so smart, funny, interesting, charming and, of course, good looking but – does he know all that? I really think men deserve just as many compliments as women and I believe knowing exactly how we feel about them makes them more comfortable, confident and less jealous, of course.

Now, in case you’ve carefully read all these ways to be a good girlfriend only to realize you don’t really need to change anything, congrats, your man is certainly one lucky guy and I really hope he’s doing everything to be a good boyfriend as well. As for the others, who did manage to find things that could use some improvement, tell me – which one of these ways to be a good girlfriend made you understand you

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