7 Ingredients for a Great Relationship That is as Solid as a Rock ...


Relationships are never easy, so if you need a bit of guidance, here are some essential ingredients for a great relationship. Think of this list as a flexible blueprint to follow as you navigate the waters of your own love life. The ingredients for a great relationship can help you create and sustain a happy and healthy long-term relationship.

1. Show Appreciation

Many couples unintentionally steer their relationships to Breakupsville by taking their partner for granted. One of the ingredients for a great relationship is to show appreciation for each other. For example, leave him a sexy message on a steamy mirror while he’s showering. Or place a small note with a loving message in an unexpected place. It’s the little things that can mean so much in a relationship.

Learn to Fight Fair


My x used to put notes in my pillow about how much he loved me and then he broke up with me so I think we should add the "do not say more than you feel" to the list for sure. I am good now I am in a ...
I wish my x could read this article. Instead of following his friends path got tired of dealing with someone who acts there shoe size! Need to upgrade to coach material 👌
@Demetra so sweet demetra
The little things make it last, when my boyfriend was stressed I made him a DESTRESS basket, I put in a back massage voucher, chocolate cookies, gym passes, fancy tea and lots of little bits! Support is important!
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