19 Insightful Sex Tips for a Capricorn to Get Your Sexy on ...


I'm almost done with all of the top sex tips for all of the signs, but in this particular post, let's discuss some of the best sex tips for a Capricorn! A lot of readers have asked me for the best sex tips for a Capricorn and finally, here they are! So, are you ready to explore some of the very best ways to turn your Capricorn partner on and find out how to really, really please them?

1. The Knees Are a Hot Spot

The knees are something that this particular sign absolutely loves. They like their knees caressed, like them touched, like them rubbed. If you want to get anything out of the best sex tips for a Capricorn, you've got to give a try to touching their knees! Just a light brush can drive them completely insane!

They like Anticipation


Nicole Goh
Is this the last sign? :o
@Brittany Me too - bah!
@regan 😜omg me too.
This is so crazy how true this is. 😍
Capricorn, all but the knees..actually hate my knees being touched!
Heather Jensen
Hi! That one has been all done. :) Check out the love tab!
April Baby
How about for the Aries please???? Thanks
Heather Jensen
HI Rita! We did, Taurus was posted yesterday.
Can you PLEASE make this for a TAURUS
Great post.. I'm a Capricorn woman and I agree with all of that lol
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