17 Genius Items to Stick in Your Man's Easter Basket This Year ...


17 Genius Items to Stick in Your Man's Easter Basket This Year ...
17 Genius Items to Stick in Your Man's Easter Basket This Year ...

Looking for some ideas for a man's Easter basket? Easter isn't a huge gift giving holiday like Christmas is. That means you don't have to go crazy when shopping for your man. Of course, you should still buy a few little things to stick inside of his Easter basket to show him that you care. If you're not sure what to purchase, here are a few great ideas for a man's Easter basket.

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Milky Way, Twix, Snickers, food, product, This one is common sense. After all, you can't enjoy Easter without a few chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps!

Treat him to a bag of some of his favourite candy treats, all themed especially for the Easter season!



Prison Break, poster, album cover, action film, gadget, Unfortunately, Netflix doesn't carry every amazing movie in the world. That's why you should buy your boyfriend a DVD that you two can watch together.

There’s nothing like a good box set to get together on the couch under a blanket and binge for a solid weekend!


A Deck of Cards

Bicycle Playing Cards, games, card game, recreation, brand, On rainy days, when you're stuck inside, you'll be able to pull out the deck of cards. It'll help you pass the time.

Cards are a classic stocking filler type gift that is low cost and can provide hours upon hours of fun. There are more card games to learn than you have time to play!



Blue Bells, wallet, fashion accessory, leather, brand, You might not want to take raunchy pictures for him for Easter since it's a religious holiday. Of course, you could always give him a few sweet, conservative shots of yourself to keep in his wallet.

If you want to make a collection of photographs for him to enjoy, then you need to buy something that you can put all of them in.


A Puzzle

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy, coast, sea, bay, This is another gift that you can enjoy together. It'll help you two develop your teamwork skills.

There’s just something really enjoyable and therapeutic about completing a big, hard puzzle. It gives a great sense of achievement!



Coty, Calvin Klein, bottle, drinkware, glass bottle, This is a small gift you can stick in his basket. It's something he needs, so he'll appreciate it.

When it comes to buying cologne for a man, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a classic like Calvin Klein. Tried and tested and always great!


A Magazine Subscription

magazine, poster, muscle, advertising, APRIL, If he likes cars or golf or fashion, you can buy him a subscription to a magazine that fits his hobby. Then he'll get a copy each month.

Magazine subscriptions are great because it’s a gift that keeps on giving all the way through the year, not just the day that you first present it!



cash, art, brand, advertising, document, If you want to buy him something big, get him tickets for a hockey game or a broadway show. It'll give you two something to look forward to.

If buying tickets and going to shows is something that you want to make a regular tradition, then buy something like this to keep the memories alive.



sock, fashion accessory, footwear, product, outdoor shoe, If most of his socks are dirty and torn, this is a great gift. You can never go wrong with clothing.

You can’t wrong with a classic gift of socks! The game has changed now though. It’s not about just the boring black pair anymore!


A Keychain

arm, chain, hand, Buy him a cute little keychain that'll make him think of you whenever he starts his car.

What about this cool keychain that also happens to double up as a bottle opener? A really nifty gadget to have!



headphones, audio equipment, gadget, technology, electronic device, Headphones are always breaking. That's why he'll use the pair you buy him sooner than you think.

When it comes to headphones, there is no point in buying a cheap pair that are going to give you bad sound quality. I say go big or go home!



BLADE, VIKINGS, VIKINGS, BLADE, DOUBLE, Little things like this are perfect presents for Easter. After all, he needs life's necessities.

Sure, razors are an essential accessory for every man, but that doesn’t mean that he won't enjoy receiving them as a gift! Especially a really cool, unusual razor.


A Gift Card

Amazon Music, text, font, logo, brand, If you always go to the same restaurants or shop at the same stores, buy him a gift card for the place. He'll definitely use it.

You really can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card. The world will literally be his oyster in terms of choosing what to spend it on!



fashion accessory, chain, handbag, rectangle, bling bling, You can never have too many of these. Instead of buying a regular one, you can buy one in the shape of his favorite animal.

Or if animals aren’t really his thing, you can always opt for this super sleek dog tag style USB that can hang around his neck for easy access!


A Board Game

product, DELUXE, EDITION, ATICE, If you don't have enough money to buy him a video game, you could buy him a board game. It'll be just as fun!

In today’s techno age, it’s important to keep the fun of a classic board game alive! Something like this always goes down a real treat.


A Pair of Boxers

underpants, clothing, briefs, shorts, active shorts, Underwear isn't the nicest gift, but it's something he needs. You could even buy special boxers with a picture of his favorite TV show characters on it.

Novelty underwear is fun, but we all know there is nothing sexier than a man wearing a fresh pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs!


A Love Letter

magenta, brand, envelope, label, paper, If you don't have the money to be buying him little gifts, you can make him one instead. Grab a piece of paper and write down all of the things you love about him. That's a better gift than anything you could buy, anyway!

If you want to write a really cute and meaningful love letter, then make sure that you have the perfect stationery to write it on!

You don't have to waste your paycheck in order to show your boyfriend you care. A few little things are all he needs. What other things are you planning on sticking in your man's Easter basket?

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