Did You Know That Eating Together Strengthens Your Relationship? ...


You watch your weight. You count calories and eat healthy and stay slim and trim. Maybe your partner is the same (you at least hope he is). But what about the way food affects your relationship? It goes beyond the struggle you have deciding which restaurant to eat at or which takeout service to call. Did you know eating together can actually enhance and strengthen your relationship? Not convinced? Read on ….

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Interaction Some of the best and most natural conversations between a couple can occur during dinner time when you are both tucking in to a delicious meal.



Connection There is something really special and personal about sharing a truly great meal, especially if you've prepared it from scratch. It creates a really intimate connection.


Same Schedule

Same Schedule Making the effort to eat dinner together every night helps in more ways than just satisfying hunger. It also means that you will be on the same time schedule and will always be able to share precious hours in the day.


Art of Sharing

Art of Sharing Eating together every evening helps you both to learn the fine and important art of sharing. You can take a little off of his plate if he can take a little off yours; it’s all about compromise at the end of the day!



Teamwork Get through preparing a whole meal together and you know you have a good sense of collaboration.



Agreement With so many different nationalities and styles to choose from, if you and your partner can actually manage to decide on the same restaurant, then you can pretty much agree on anything!


Shared Indulgence and Shared Diet

Shared Indulgence and Shared Diet If you eat together, it means that you splurge together as well as diet together when it’s time to cut back on some luxuries.


No Food Shaming

No Food Shaming Get over all this nonsense of only ordering a salad and pushing it around the plate like a dainty bird. Order that double cheeseburger that you want and your boyfriend won’t give a damn!


Learn Habits

Learn Habits There is a lot that you can learn about your partner and their habits when you eat together on a regular basis, it can be really interesting to discover different things.



Fuel! If you and your partner start to feel rather amorous during meal time, you can think of each other eating as getting the fuel that you need to be able to go all night!


Get Messy

Get Messy You aren’t afraid to get messy in front of each other. We have all been there, a big plate spaghetti sat there, just waiting to fall down your shirt!


Equal Roles

Equal Roles You should always make sure that if one of you cooked the meal, then the other should wash up. It’s good to keep the chores and responsibilities shared.


Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Being able to eat like a pig, whatever you want, in front of your partner signifies that you feel completely comfortable in your relationship.


Waiter Treatment

Waiter Treatment Being able to see how your partner treat wait staff at a restaurant gives you a good indication of what kind of person they really are.


Ordering for Yourself

Ordering for Yourself You don’t partake in any of that ordering for each other nonsense. If you know what you want, you should go ahead and order it! Independence!


Drink Together

Drink Together Having a meal together is always a good excuse to bring out a bottle of wine or two and indulge in some boozy fun at the same time. Make it a date night. Every strong relationship appreciates date nights.


Food Babies

Food Babies You both eat too much at the same time, meaning that it won’t only you who is pregnant with a food baby for the rest of the evening!



Milestones Most couples who regularly eat together have a favorite go-to restaurant. A place where memories are made and milestones celebrated.


New Opportunities

New Opportunities Eating together can awaken your adventurous spirit whether it's trying a new restaurant, different fruit and veg from a farmers market or a new recipe. This quest for the new can extend beyond food.

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